teen delinquency

 juvenile delinquency Essay

Thesis statement: The effects of juvenile delinquency of teenagers are handled by jail time, house criminal arrest, or detention centers, all of these are types of juvenile change programs that Louis Sachar describes in the novel Openings. I. Introduction

A. Interest Getter: Truancy, Theft, B & Elizabeth, characteristics of youths in the usa

B. Background on Publisher

C. Thesis Statement

II. Slots Summary

3. Juvenile Delinquency Reform

A. Without Juvenile Reform, Delinquency rates would increase

N. Features/ Areas of Juvenile Delinquency/ Signs of Delinquency

1 . Fine detail with decoration

a. Background of serious disciplinary problems

b. Bullies or intimidates peers or younger children

c. Associated with any teams or gangs

2 . Novel's relevance to detail

a. " X- Ray” doesn't always have parents to lead him the right way

b. With out his parents, stealing becomes his concern

C. Causes pertaining to Juvenile Delinquency/ How did they get there?

1 . Fine detail with decoration

a. Family members environment/ experience

b. Social networking factors

c. School impacts

d. Expert factors

installment payments on your Novel's significance to the details

a. Does not have parental assistance

D. Alternatives for Teen Delinquency

1 ) Details with elaboration

a. Juvenile reform programs

m. Jail time

c. House police arrest

d. Detention centers

elizabeth. Prevention coming from Family

n. Prevention at school

2 . Novel's relevance towards the novel

a. Camp Green Lake is known as a juvenile delinquent camp

n. This camp is to stop juveniles via committing criminal activity

IV. Author's ability to include issue in story evaluated Below V. Bottom line

Thesis statement: The consequence of juvenile delinquency of teens are handled by jail time, house criminal arrest, or detention centers, all of which are examples of juvenile change programs that Louis Sachar describes in the novel Holes.

Thesis assertion: The effects of teen delinquency of teens are addressed by jail time, house arrest, or perhaps detention centers, all...


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