Judaism and Preserve Answer

 Judaism and Save Answer Essay


1 . (Points: 10) В

| What emphasis does the Pittsburgh System of 1885 share with Cohen's position?

a. upon the centrality of adherence to tradition

n. on honest monotheism

c. on the equivalent status coming from all faiths

d. on circumcision and other Hebrew rituals

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2 . (Points: 10) В

| Precisely what is permitted by some Orthodox rabbis in the united states, but ultimately forbidden in the UK?

a. faith based services just for women

m. any participation by girls in larger society

c. women turning into rabbis

g. women leading the congregation in plea

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3. (Points: 10) В

| According to Chapter several in your textbook, what is the estimated volume of Jews throughout the world?

a. 355, 000

b. 760, 1000

c. 5. 7 mil

d. 15 million

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5. (Points: 10) В

| The facts likely that Martin Buber's philosophy contributed to?

a. a better degree of approval of power in the Reform movement

n. a greater amount of conformity amidst Reform Jews

c. an explanation of consensus with a rise in individualization

m. none of those

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5. (Points: 10) В

| What do one of the major Hasidic dynasties, the Habad, embark on under it is leader Rabbi Menahem Mendel Schneerson?

a. a refusal to take part in secular education

b. a long emphasis on meals rules

c. successful missionary activity

g. encourage Judaism banking

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6. (Points: 10) В

| ‘There really no such thing as the Orthodox ‘movement'.


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7. (Points: 10) В

| Eschatology refers to:

a. revival of the dead

b. the past Judgement

c. the end of the past

d. all of the aboveВ

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8. (Points: 10) В

| The Talmud is composed of

a. Halacha

n. Haggadah

c. both A and B

d. nor A nor BВ

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9. (Points: 10) В

| Jews assume that God is definitely:

a. immanent

b. transcendent

c. exclusive

d. all of the aboveВ

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10. (Points: 10) В

| Judaism provides about salvation through:

a. faith

n. law

c. a war between good and wicked

d. none of the aboveВ

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11. (Points: 10) В

| Rabbis are allowed to get married to.


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