Steve Donne (1572-1631)

 John Donne 1572-1631 Dissertation


Biographical Details

-Born in a catholicfamily

-Married Anne Moore in key in 1601

-Converted to Anglican Cathedral, became a great Anglican priestand a dean at St Paul -Two sides of his persona: Jack Donne/ Dr . David Donne

Because the keen lover having been always a fortiori, thoughtful, planning to dissect and explain his passion nearly scientifically.

Since the work, he contacted God together with the passion he previously formerly shown to women: this individual addresses Christ with the fierceness of a fan.

-Startling, stimulating and strangely enough modern

2 . His Beautifully constructed wording

-Not released after his death

-Ranges from fervent love beautifully constructed wording to strong religious poems -Tone: ardent, sensualandintellectual

-Classified as " Metaphysical Poetry": far-fetched comparability[ conceit ] -Reacts resistant to the traditional loving poems of courtly take pleasure in -Techniques: intense comparisons[ conceits ], puns, paradoxes, obscurity, exaggeration -Demands a great imaginative work from the audience

2)Metaphysical Poets

-A group of Britishlyric poets of the 17thcentury

-Share wit, inventiveness, delicate argumentations, and the metaphysical conceits -The term was first placed on the 17th century beautifully constructed wording in 1693 by Ruben Dryden " He[Donne] impacts Metaphysics,... in his amorous passages, where natureonly should rule; and perplexes the minds of the good sex with nice speculations of beliefs, when he should certainly engage their particular hearts. "

Dryden disapproved of Donne's stylistic excesses, particularly his extravagant conceits (or witty comparisons) great tendency to hyperbolic abstractions. -Reacts resistant to the 16th hundred years verse

[smooth and sweet stylevs. energetic, uneven and strenuous style] The clicheto this point have been bleeding minds, lips just like cherries, cheeks like roses, Cupids capturing arrows of affection.

-Brought back to life in 20th century by T. S. Eliot's composition " The Metaphysical Poets" (1921) T. S. Eliot argued that their operate fuses explanation with enthusiasm and that it shows a unification of...


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