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Effectiveness of 2% CHG Cloth

Baths for Reducing Surgical

Internet site Infections



We executed a possible cohort analyze on the performance of preoperative bathing with chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) cloths for lowering surgical web page infections. All of us hypothesized that use of CHG cloths as an adjunct to surgical preparation would drastically reduce the endogenous flora of surgical patients and therefore decrease surgical web page infections. Info from a control group of patients who undergone standard, vascular, and orthopedic surgical treatment were employed for comparison. Benefits indicated a general reduction of infection inside the group that received a 2% CHG bath before surgery. Presently there also was a possible decrease in postoperative body organ space contamination, although the sample numbers were extremely tiny. To reduce operative site infections, we suggest a breastfeeding protocol of preoperative baths with a 2% CHG towel for sufferers undergoing basic and vascular surgery, and an additional trial to investigate the utilization of preoperative CHG cloth bathing in all medical patient populations. AORN M 97 (May 2013) 547-551. Г“ AORN, Inc, 2013. http://dx. doi. org/10. 1016/j. aorn. 2013. 02. 009

Key words: preoperative bathing, chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG), CHG material baths, operative site infection.


ealth careeassociated infections are an

crucial area of concern amongst practitioners, managers, and insurance providers, and are regarded as one aspect of patient care on which

nurses can have a significant effect. According

to Anderson et ing, 1 surgical site infections (SSIs)

take place in 2% to 5% of patients having inpatient

surgical procedure, and approximately 500, 1000 patients contract SSIs in the us each year. Operative site infections are associated with increased morbidity, length of hospitalization, and expense of care. Research by Kirkland et al2 found that, depending on

the complications brought on by the infection, the costs

of an SSI could be believed to range from $3, 1000

to $29, 000. Inside the " Guideline for avoidance of

medical site illness, 1999, ” Mangram et al3 reported that SSIs account for 14% to 16% of all well being careeassociated infections. Therefore , it is

imperative that perioperative proper care be effective in

preventing SSIs by reducing microbial contaminants during surgical procedures. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

guide for avoidance of SSI states the use of

chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) reduces microbial

colony counts ninefold and offers prolonged epidermis

antisepsis. several Chlorhexidine gluconate is effective

http://dx. doi. org/10. 1016/j. aorn. 2013. 02. 009

Г“ AORN, Incorporation, 2013

Might 2013

Vol 97 No 5

AORN Log j 547

May 2013

Vol 97 No your five

against fungus and gram-positive and gram-negative

bacteria, which include methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, vancomycin-resistant Enterococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and other multidrugresistant pathogens. 4 In addition , CHG is definitely not less effective in the existence of blood, which is

of particular importance for medical patients. 5

The use of CHG to reduce catheter sepsis in

the critical care place is more popular. A

study by Bleasdale et al6 demonstrated that daily

cleansing of patients in a medical intensive care

unit with CHG-impregnated cloths was an effective strategy for decreasing the rate of principal bloodstream attacks.

Based on this info, the surgical outcomes

staff at each of our facility hypothesized that applying a

well-known, uniform power of CHG to the epidermis within

3 hours from the surgical cut would substantially reduce endogenous flora about surgical sufferers and therefore reduce the incidence of SSI. We all

conducted a clinical outcomes study to ascertain

the effectiveness of a 2% CHG no-rinse cloth bath

pertaining to patients within three hours of timetabled surgery

inside the reduction of SSIs.


Concerns regarding multidrug-resistant organism infections inside the...

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