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The objective of this guide is to aid the study of my friend's degree of understanding of the subject matter and at the same time provide an information of how I actually view the subject matter and my personal understanding of the niche, in relation to the style of the assessment questions.

*disclaimer* All content in this scriptures is either duplicated directly from study guide, Plug koh's ISORG bible, internet knowledge. This is a summary and all information are based on Jeffrey's personal opinion/interpretation. Use is at your own risk. Overview of this ISORG BIBLE

I will start of the ISORG bible using what I considered important conditions that will be utilized in the course of this subject. I'll first give meanings from the subject matter guide because this will always be accepted by examiners. Up coming I'll give further explanations I found from websites/ Plug Koh's notes to provide additional insight and better understanding. I'll then simply give answers and also good examples if possible in the term used. Almost all of the example being from Jack port Koh's study package or maybe his ISORG bible unless I actually have the time to source out more. BUT be careful, if I do add even more examples that we found out on-line, those are examples which i myself believe is appropriate, they may or may not be correct therefore use those at your individual risk. In fact the meanings and details, I'll try and include a simple summary of Jack Koh's bible displaying paragraphs which i find valuable. I'll italics and ‘quote' the sentences or key phrases that I found from his bible. By the end, I have as well suggested a few articles that I feel will be MUST states for better ideas of how to answer inquiries. Finally, I simply hope this kind of ISORG bible is actually of even virtually any use to any person.

Info systems

Information systems are sets of related components that collect or retrieve, procedure, store and distribute info to support decision-making, co-ordination, control, analysis and visualization. (UOL-SG) Information devices are implemented within an business for the purpose of improving the success and effectiveness of that firm. Capabilities with the information system and attributes of the organization, its job systems, their people, and its development and implementation strategies together determine the magnitude to which that purpose can be achieved. (Wikipedia. org) Study regarding information systems is normally premised on the supposition that information systems happen to be socio-technical systems. Socio-technical elements encompass the two technical and social parameters. There are 3 perspectives or perhaps lenses with which to look at the role performed by devices and sites in agencies namely data model (technical), decision-making unit (cognitive) and transaction-cost model (behavioural). Instances of information system includes

2. Date warehouses (Page 5)

* Business resource preparing

* Deal processing system

* Supervision information system

* Decision support program

* Exec information program

Information and communications technology

Details and communications technology (ICT), much like it's' term, refers to different technology found in information processing/transferring and also solutions that assist in communication. Samples of ICT comes with internet, extranet, cloud computer, wireless conversation, TCP/IP, GPS DEVICE, online online video conferences, ipad tablet, iphone, computers, databases, software and hardware infrastructure. (Jeffrey) *I gave up on this part especially about the hardware and software so is unable to develop a detailed write-out order about this. 2.

Data Unit

The data version is a style that identifies in an subjective way just how data will be represented and interrelated within an information system, a database management system or perhaps a business firm. In particular, the[desktop] focuses on data flows which can actually help the analyst design and style a new program or even the entire organization. (UOL-SG) A data...


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