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C. I actually. G. Unique Resort is definitely today the key resort motel on the island. It is acknowledged equally by the guests as well as its competitors since the one approach stop pertaining to tourists who have seek high quality services in a stunning surrounding. Our collection of distinctive areas and rentals categories as well as the chain-branded name addresses efficiently the demands of a variety of guests. During the last your five years a rapid increase in landings of upper class tourists, especially from Spain and the Arab Emirates, has become recorded on the island. This appearing market is willing to spend a lot of money on their getaway and at the same time provides very high expectations of customer support. By offering the sort of luxurious accommodation we present here and personalized customer service that addresses the requirements and the demands of this new prosperous marketplace we make an effort to establish the firm's position on this niche area hence fortifying our placement in the Ancient greek tourism sector. 2 . INFO

Regal Edificio Imperiale

3-Bedroom Palazzo, Lake shore, Sea View

INDOOR 200m2, OUTDOOR 300m2, SLEEPS six

Special Features

Exclusive entrance

Wooden products to a non-public beach

Furnished backyard courtyard

Outdoor lounge and dining furniture

Big master bedroom In room bathroom with ‘river bath' for two Second bedroom with marble bathroom with marine view whirlpool plus separate shower cubicle Nanny or perhaps staff quarters with ensuite shower and WC

Walk-in wardrobes

Exercise equipment.

Fully-equipped kitchen

Office facilities and Wi Fi internet connection

TV security system

Private auto parking

Yachting possibilities

Renowned Class Services

Welcome and escort towards the villa by the management

VIP Check In & Have a look at

Twice Daily Maid Assistance

Private copy from & to air-port

Personal temperature-controlled Wine Basements and Stogie Humidor Personal shopper & shopping assistance

Private Retainer

In-villa Spa (massage, manicure, pedicure)

In-villa exclusive private eating (dinner, BARBECUE etc . )

Organize a celebration - birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, baby's party


With a quest to ignore no details or desire the organization Is focused about delivering a seamless experience for each guest and every ask for. Behind the amenities and beyond the design details is placed signature assistance philosophy. Discerning international travelers with a penchant for lifestyle and extravagance know that C. I. G. quality will always meet their particular expectations! In the 30 years as its establishment the firm is definitely on the front of originality striving to offer differentiated products and services to their loyal guests. Having explored the local and national tourism market we now have come to the conclusion the building of your new house, the Royal Palazzo Imperiale, the summer residence of vips and jetsetters, as we call it up, is the novelty that will carry on our successful business inside the following years. The statistical data displays the developing numbers of upper class - the two social and also financial- worldwide tourists, who have select the beautiful area for their getaways. The market research has clearly demonstrated that these people spare no money for his or her satisfaction, but at the same time they may have very high and concrete targets in terms of customer satisfaction quality and also accommodation quality. A most frequent phenomenon until now is that this sort of guests, want to stay on friends' or businessmen's yachts because they want to enjoy the Greek green sea but at the same time protect their serenity and extravagant lifestyle. It is a new market with great possibilities for profit for the firms that will come in first. This is exactly why today all of us present you with the plan to enhance the Regal Palazzo Imperiale. The resort exercises on 7000m3 providing all of us with adequate room to construct the...


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