Internet Coffeehouse

 Internet Coffee shop Essay

All the equipment or products need to be connected each other towards the Local Area Network (LAN), to allow them discuss one internet line to get connected to the Internet. This is certainly a basic thought on how to connect all your hardware to the LAN.

Attaching the Personal computers

Most PCs have to connect to the switch/hub, which are merge as being a LAN. An area area network (LAN) is actually a group of computers and associated devices that share one common communications range and typically share the resources of a single processor or server within a small geographic area (for example, within an office building).

In this post I assume that most PCs have been completely installed with Windows 98 operating system and using stationary IP Address instead of dynamic IP (DHCP) for every system since CCAutoSoft cyber cafe software currently just support static IP Address. Putting in and Configuring Ethernet Adapter Card

To be able to enable each PC exchange their views we have to set up the marketing protocol. Common ones used in a simple network are IPX/SPX and TCP/IP. To install, available Network Area properties, click " Add” button, Select " Protocol” and " Add” key, scroll straight down in the manufacturer list and choose Microsoft, select IPX/SPX and click " OK”. Another one should end up being the same, but select TCP/IP instead. Once the herbst is installed, select TCP/IP in the Network Neighborhood Properties window, simply click " Properties” button.

Insert in to TCP/IP Real estate:

The PC's IP Address, electronic. g. 192. 168. 1 . 2

-Each PC must have different IP Address e. g.: 192. 168. 1 . two, 192. 168. 1 . 3, 192. 168. 1 . 5, 192. 168. 1 . 5 and so on. Gateway: 192. 168. 1 . 1 (modem/router IP Address)

DNS: make reference to your Internet Supplier. In this case I use Malaysian TMNet's DNS: 202. 188. zero. 133 and 202. 188. 1 . 5 Click " OK” key, and reboot PC. The computer will be ready to acquire connected once it is restarted. Do the same to different PC.


Frequently use cords are co-ax and cat5 with RJ-45 and BNC connector. The majority of new NIC only support RJ-45 connection, so we all use Cat5 (also referred to as 10BaseT) wire. Other than RJ-45 connector and Cat5 cable, you also need a crimping instrument. Measure the span from the consumer to the switch, perhaps a little bit longer. Lower the wire and coil RJ-45 connector at both these styles the cable end. The next step is the easiest portion, put 1 end in the cable into the client's NIC port as well as the other end at the switch/hub's port. You have to make another 20 cords if you have twenty units of clients with 1 unit of machine. Connect every 20 Personal computers, PC Storage space and the modem/router to the hub/switch and connect a telephone line to the modem/router.

Configure the modem and router placing.

There are many broadband modem with constructed it router out there. The configuration is off course different with each other. But the basic configuration is to arranged the router as the gateway. You also have to put your phone dialing properties in the router, just like your account information. Most of the device can be configured through the internet browser at any connected clients. For instance , if the modem/router's IP Address is definitely 192. 168. 1 . 1, just type in the web browser URL's box about any COMPUTER in the LOCAL AREA NETWORK.

Showing a Printer

Usually, a printer is connected to the server PC, so the net cafe staff can easily deal with printing procedure whether by clients or perhaps by stroll inside customer. Set up network neighborhood properties in the server to share printer, this will let inkjet printer sharing with the LAN. After install the printer rider into the server, make it shared. " Add printer” at each client by surfing in the LAN and find distributed printer at the server.

Connecting A Scanner

Reader needs to be attached to a PERSONAL COMPUTER to operate. Hook up it to a client in case you prefer customers to use the scanner themselves, or connect it towards the server if you need the web cafe personnel to scan for your customers

Unlike other types of store, internet cafe needs yet another wiring other than electrical...


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