Impact in the Bar Code Medication Government System upon Patient Basic safety

 Impact from the Bar Code Medication Supervision System in Patient Protection Essay

Impact with the Bar Code Medication Supervision System about Patient Safety

Impact from the Bar Code Medication Government System upon Patient Basic safety

Kaetlin Cordray


Kelly Reese, L. N.

Might 6, 2011

According to The Company of Medicine, you will find more than a mil injuries many 100, 1000 deaths linked to medication administration errors every year in the health care industry. As medication supervision is a main nursing duty, it is the nurse's responsibility in order to avoid medication mistakes to ensure affected person safety. The large amount of medication problems has prompted the healthcare industry to research a solution to the serious problem. In 2000, a Veterans Administration hospital started to be the initial hospital to apply the Bar Code Administration Program (BCMA) which in turn assist in discovering the right patient to the proper medication. The implementation with the BCMA has proved to greatly reduce the quantity of medication administration error, improve patient effects, and maximize nurse's work satisfaction.

" As an intervention, medicine administration acquired the second best frequency of interventions, walking only energetic listening” (Doyle, 2005). Correct patient recognition is essential to nursing practice especially when applying medications. Rns use the three checks with the " five rights” of medication supervision including the correct patient, dose, route, time, and consistency before applying medications. Rns administer multiple medications to multiple individuals many times throughout a shift. Due to increasing acuity of people and the elevating patient weight on one health professional, this process is very error-prone. During one clinical rotation I had formed three people and each sufferer had by least eight medications thanks in one hour. This could lead to horrific consequences. Even with this standard procedure there are superb opportunities pertaining to mistakes.

With all the increasing volume of medication government errors and sentinel situations due to these types of mistakes, the healthcare community recognized a purpose to in some manner improve the medicine administration procedure. To improve the medication government, new technological advances came about while using implementation with the BCMA program. Each individual receives a wristband using a bar code specific to that particular patient and each medication with the specific medication dosage also has a bar code. After the nurse receives the medication through the Pyxis or perhaps from the pharmacy, the registered nurse completes her three inspections of the " five rights” and then takings with making use of the BCMA program. The registered nurse enters the patient's space with the hand held scanner plus the medications. The girl then verification the patient's identification bracelet and demands the patient two patient identifiers, such as identity, date of birth, or maybe the spelling of their name. After accurate affected person identification, the nurse tests each individual medication to be given. The handheld scanner will recognize each medication and make sure it is the right medication dosage, time, and route to the proper patient. According to Hughes and Blegen, many studies have shown large reductions in medication problems, as much as a 79 percent drop in administration problems (2008).

" A possible cohort analyze of medicine errors simply by Leape ainsi que al decided that 39% if errors occur through the prescribing phase, 12% during transcription, 11% during dispensing, and 38% during government (" Medication Errors, ” 2008). The BCMA will help identify the proper patient towards the right medicine; however , there are several steps in the method before making use of the BCMA program that are vulnerable to errors. The prescriber can easily select the wrong drug, medication dosage, or course which may can be discovered by the nurse that is giving it; nevertheless , it is the nurse's duty to identify inaccurate instructions based on her knowledge and skills that no computer system would detect. Problems may also...

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