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Understanding Economic Issues Worksheet

This simulation looks at providing medical care insurance coverage from your standpoint of a health repair organization (HMO). As HMO executives, the obligation is to provide healthcare for the members you insure. You have to do this having a high level of quality by a price that covers services rendered. To achieve this, you must provide only those services you could provide at the cost the consumer can pay.

From this simulation, you are given two prospective customers: Constructit and E-editors. Every single company can be willing to pay a unique premium pertaining to insurance coverage, every company includes a unique staff profile intended for health care hazards. Your job is to determine what medical insurance option would greatest provide services and cover costs. Keep in mind, at the end with the simulation, you might decide to reject coverage to either or both companies.

Answer the subsequent questions about the insurance insurance coverage and the healthcare profile. Then, determine what insurance coverage is best for each company.

Health Plans Offered

Castor Standard

Castor Enhanced

List the major big difference of each strategy.

Does not cover preexisting conditions

Lower prices for all Inpatient/ hospital medical companies

Lower prices intended for outpatient solutions

Covers preexisting conditions

Elevated prices for inpatient/hospital providers

Increase prices for outpatient services

One third plan named Castor Improved Minor is usually available. Precisely what is the major characteristic that makes this plan of action different from both listed above? Customized Plan (Castor Enhanced Minor) - the alternatives of eyesight screening, hearing screening, and custodial care are selected optional.

Complete the following data about the 2 customers seeking health care insurance.



Premium willing to pay

$4, 500

$4, five-hundred

Three major demographic top features of employees



Congestive heart failure

High Cholesterol

High Blood...


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