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The contribution of e-HRM to

the business companies in the HUMAN RESOURCES area


In the current, with the develop of the technology, information devices and the net are be and more essential and changing the Human Reference Management inside the organization, elevating the efficiency of the procedure and assisting the HUMAN RESOURCES professionals in those HOURS functions. Therefore , the e-HRM systems was derived which can be use of web- based technologies for human resources management practices. It can be obviously the fact that e-HRM may benefit the organization inside the HRM place. For example , it is just a more effectiveness way to recruiting member of staff, motivating worker to job so that it can achieve the company target, etc . However , there are somebody still not clear or query about the benefit or need for the e-HRM. Therefore , in this post, we is going to fully clarify how the e-HRM systems plays a role in HRM success in a two major HUMAN RESOURCES process: (1) employee recruitment and collection (2)Performance appraisal. In order to support the article, inside the following portion, we will mention a lot of real circumstance. The article is usually structured as follows: first outlining the contribution of e-HRM to the HR recruitment component, second we will focus on the performance appraisal. This article will finishes with bottom line and the debate part.

Contribution of e-HRM to the Recruitment

Recruiting is the process of attracting the potential applicants who meet the corporation requirements. The e-HRM devices can handle the recruiting process, allow it more efficiency, cost and time effectiveness,

There are two form of e-recruitment system. First, the applicant tracking system which will screen your qualified resumes based on particular predefined criteria, resulting in huge timesaving for HR. Also, under this system, the page or email-based can be quickly send towards the unqualified job seekers.[8]

The second strategy is (HMS) which will called employing management system. In the HMS system, it will utilize the job panels and corporate websites to create a meet from a pool of applicants [2]. If the system has brought a resume which is complementing the requirement, the machine will automatically sent the e-mail to the company.

Because the above e-recruitment system, you observe that e-HRM system is a more effective and efficiency method to recruit the worker. Also can help the company to draw candidates with high levels of drive, pervious achievement and the work experience [2] since the next reason:

1) e-recruitment system can easily improve the interaction with the potential employers, applicants, and also other recruiters 2) e-recruitment system allow the candidate to apply the roles anytime and anywhere so that the organization can easily employ the talents who will be come from the diverse countries 3) e-recruitment system allows the user to easily gather, track and manage the employee referrals and talent network programs 4) Candidate- friendly job promoting through the on-line job panel and career centers 5) Compare with the regular recruiting systems, e-recruiting program can provide more info about the work requirement 6) Compare with this system, candidates can easily access the recruitment's information in order that it can increase the opportunity of hiring the perfect workers

In addition , several estimates reveal that completely of the huge firms have already use the availabilities, and there are 82% of large companies have used the intranet systems to post openings or identify the qualified workers within the firm [2]. Though the intranet systems, business can search the existing worker records just like their overall performance, how long would they help the company, etc . Based on this info, the recruiter can whether the existing worker meet the requirement of the new work or certainly not. The devices may instantly provide list of the competent existing member of staff so that the employer can enhance the existing staff.


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