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Mortgage Firm


123 In. Main Blvd., Suite 201Seattle, Washington 98108 This mortgage company focuses primarily on lending money to people with poor credit or perhaps who are self−employed and possess problems determining for typical loans. It plans to supply complementary credit cards and debit cards, as well as insurance, for this niche market. Future programs include countrywide expansion. This plan of action was offered by Ameriwest Business Consultants, Incorporation. • EXEC SUMMARY • OBJECTIVES & GOALS • STRATEGIES FOR ATTAINING GOALS • BUSINESS EXPLANATION, STATUS, & OUTLOOK • MANAGEMENT & OWNERSHIP • MARKET ANALYSIS • SALES STRATEGIES • FIVE−YEAR PROJECTIONS • RATIO COMPARABILITY • FINDINGS & BRIEF SUMMARY

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Mortgage Firm


Business Plans: Mortgage Company


National Mortgage has created a unique idea of lending to the people who have sub-standard credit or perhaps self−employed those who have a hard time qualifying for conventional loans. The cash loaned away is typically utilized by borrowers to consolidate financial debt and can give a source of large savings to get our clients by paying off substantial interest credit debt. We impose competitive interest levels. Our buyers are very prepared to work with all of us because they may have usually been turned down by one or more lenders and we can provide them peace of mind and a way to solve their particular credit problems. The financial loans are guaranteed with a mortgage on their property. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 10: 00 A. M. to 7: 00 P. M., and Weekend, 8: 00 A. M. to 3: 00 P. M. The digesting center can be open 8: 00 A. M to eight: 00 L. M., Monday through Comes to an end, and almost 8: 00 A. M. to six: 00 G. M. in Saturday.


The business is within its third year of operation. Functions are done from features located by 123 North Main Boulevard in Detroit, Washington. The premises contain approximately one particular, 600 sq ft. The initially several years were used to build the business, supply the office and hire a reliable staff. Crucial employees happen to be Jill Rock, Sue Brown, Helen Search, and Rachel Rosana. The organization currently utilizes five persons. National is now ready to go on to a higher level and will handle a much greater volume level. We are presently working with Merrill Lynch and ABC to franchise each of our unique principle on a nationwide scale.


The company is to establish as a organization with Jill Stone using 100% from the stock. The girl initially helped set up the operations although she is now less active in the operations, the girl with available for appointment and suggestions. The corporation can be an " S" firm, but will always be changed to a " C" corporation right at the end of 97 to satisfy requirements for to become franchiser. The organization type of business was picked for responsibility protection, taxes considerations, progress plans, inventory option ideas, and the possibility to raise capital from buyers more easily. File suit Brown is vice president. She has five numerous years of experience in the mortgage organization. Helen Hunt serves as procedures manager. Rachel Rosana is a processing manager. National currently employs five additional people...


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