GU 3001 Magneto Meter

 GU 3001 Magneto Meter Essay

-3, 000 magnesium to 3, 000 mG, -300. 0 lace to three hundred. 0 lace, AC/DC



Version: GU-3001


ISO-9001, CE, IEC1010

DC/AC milligauss magnetometer



Version: GU-3001


* DC/AC milligauss Magnetometer.


0. 1 magnesium

- 199. 9 magnesium to 199. 9 magnesium.

1 magnesium

≧ 200 mG, ≦ -200 mG

performance compared to the traditional Area element sensor ),

0. 01 lace

- 19. 99 uT to 19. 99 lace.

available for superior magnetic field measurement.

zero. 1 uT

≧ 20. 0 lace, ≦ -20. 0 uT.

* Using exclusive large sensitivity messfuhler ( better

* Wide application intended for industrial, mechanised, material,


В± ( 2 % + a couple of mG )

electrical, lab field to evaluate the material

* -1, 1000 mG to at least one, 000 mG

contains permanent magnetic field value.

* -100. 0 uT to 95. 0 uT

* POWER and AIR CONDITIONER magnetic discipline measurement

Discipline Direction


* Vast measure range: В± 3, 000 milligauss.

Data Keep

Freeze the display examining.

* The meter can detect the magnetic domains as small

Recollection Recall

Maximum & Minimum value.


Approx. one particular second.

as 0. 1 milligauss.

2. N pole/S pole indication.

Sampling Time

* Individual probe, easy operation and convenient

Electricity off

intended for remote measurement.

* High precision magnetometer, even can measure

Manual off by simply push switch or

Car shut off to save lots of battery life.

Info Output

the environment Globe's magnetic discipline as

RS 232/USB LAPTOP OR COMPUTER serial software.

* Connect the optional RS232 wire


UPCB-02 will get the RS232 plug.

* No adjustment key for relative measurement.

5. Connect the optional USB cable

2. Large S-TN type FLATSCREEN, high contrast, easy monitor.

USB-01 will get the UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS plug.

5. Data keep function to get freezing the required value

on display.


0 to 60 в„ѓ.


* Records Maximum and Minimum blood pressure measurements with Recall.


5. RS232/USB laptop interface....


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