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 Government Evaluation Questions Dissertation

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| Our elected representatives is a __________ legislature with __________ associates. I GOT 10/13 RIGHT THAT WE ANSWERED!!! a. bicameral; 100b. unicameral; 630c. bicameral; 535d. unicameral; 342| В | Conserve Answer

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| Which type of representation takes place when representatives have the same racial, ethnic, faith based, or educational backgrounds as their constituents? a. Trusteeb. Sociologicalc. Agencyd. Delegate| В | Conserve Answer

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| Which kind of manifestation occurs the moment constituents have the power to retain the services of and flames their reps? a. Delegateb. Agencyc. Sociologicald. Trustee| В | Save Response

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| Kind of of laws specifies a project or additional authorizations to be funded, and also the location of the job within a particular district? a. Concurrent resolutionb. Casework resolutionc. Private billd. Pork barrel| В | Preserve Answer

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| A proposal to scholarhip some kind of comfort, special privilege, or exemption to the person named in a bill is the definition ofa. a private bill. b. oversight. c. casework. d. pig barrel. | В | Preserve Answer

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| According to the authors of the textbook, in recent years, the property has exhibited considerably more powerful partisanship and ideological section than the United states senate. Why? a. Since Home members signify more homogeneous districts in which their party is dominant, they are significantly less willing to seek compromise. m. Since the 1955s, the Conservatives have managed the House, but this has not been the case in the Senate. c. Leadership is more significant in the Senate than in the home; thus senators follow get together lines even more strictly than House members. d. Due to their narrow constituencies, senators are much less inclined to get compromise than are Property members. | В | Conserve Answer

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| In general, by a sociological representation perspective, how consultant is the U. S. Congress? a. Our elected representatives is representative only with respect to occupational qualification. b. Our elected representatives is consultant only regarding gender and race. c. Congress is definitely not rep at all. g. Congress magnifying mirrors the cultural origins with the U. T. population. | В | Save Answer

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| According to the writers of the book, incumbency is likely toa. reduce the importance of eldership elders in Congress. b. preserve the status quo in Congress. c. produce difference in Congress. g. result in the selection of new committee chairpersons. | В | Save Answer

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| In general, the objective of the congressional whip system isa. to generate committee tasks. b. to discipline congress members whom break party unity. c. staffing. g. communications. | В | Conserve Answer

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| The best of the majority party inside your home of Reps is thea. majority innovator. b. chief executive pro tempore. c. Speaker of the House. g. majority mix. | В | Save Response

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| Real electrical power in the United states senate is in the hands of thea. majority and minority leaders. b. group leader. c. speaker pro tempore. m. majority leader. | В | Save Answer

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| In the past, the most important arenas of congressional policy making have beena. the flooring surfaces of the House and Senate. n. conference committees. c. the halls of Congress in which lobbyists roam. d. position committees. | В | Preserve Answer

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| In the nineties, the His party leadership in Congress moved power from ___________ to ___________. a. conference committees; party leadersb. conference committees; standing committeesc. standing committees; party leadersd. party frontrunners; standing committeese. standing committees; conference committees| В | Conserve Answer

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| Inside each panel, hierarchy provides usually been based ona. seniority. w. demographic...


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