new words display on twitter

 new terms appear on myspace Essay

п»їI. Introduction

Myspace is one of the most popular social media website from this era. Various people employ twitter to be connected to others, business, or simply to be friends with trend. In back of the popularity of twitter, it is additionally gave result in language field in which it brings about new words and phrases which when only intended for the site then become popular among the social media world. In this daily news, I want to clarify the some new words via twitter. 2. New words

a. Info


New Terms

Phonetic Transcription


Which means

1 .

Tweeps (n)

/twi: ps/

Someone's followers in social media site Twitter.

installment payments on your

Tweetable (Adj. )

/'twi: tЙ™b(Й™)l/

Tweet + -able

Suitable for submitting in social networking website Facebook.


Tweetup (n)

/'twi: tКЊp/

Tweet + up

AВ meetingВ or otherВ gatheringВ organizedВ by means of posts on theВ social mediaВ websiteВ Twitter.


Twitting (v)

/'twi: tiЕ‹/

Tweet & -ing

Making a content on social media website Facebook.


Hashtag (n)


Hash & tag

A word or phrase proceeded with a hash or perhaps pound sign (#) and used to determine messages on a specific theme.

III. The Words

A few of the words existing on the list over can only be use for certain social media, unlike other words and phrases that usually got multiple symbolism like for examples: a. Bow

Tool to shot projectiles with. " This individual shot the deer together with his bow and arrow. A good wooden stay with horse hair that utilized to play chain instruments just like violin. " She out of cash her ribbon and bow in her last recital”. b. Fluke

Unlikely possibility occurrence; specifically a surprising part of luck. " Their triumph was no fluke”. A parasitic flatworm that typically has suckers and hooks to get attachment towards the host. " In Asia the types is known to web host parasitic chest flukes, which can infect humans if the crabs are ingested undercooked. " (Oxford Dictionary)

The words tweeting, tweetable, tweeps, and tweetup only offers one meaning that show the individual's activity in twitter globe. Here are some content that...


Hornby, A. S. Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary eighth Edition. Oxford: Oxford School Press. 2010

New Words Show on Twitter

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