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Journal of Alternative Views in the Cultural Sciences ( 2010) Volume 2, Not any 2, 953- 965

Bundled Education: Musical instrument for Fixing Ife-Modakeke Conflict in Osun State, Nigeria Shina Olayiwola, Department of Educational Administration and Preparing, Obafemi Awolowo University (Ile-Ife, Nigeria) Ndukaku Okorie, Section of Beliefs, Obafemi Awolowo University (Ile-Ife, Nigeria)

Thoughts and opinions Paper Subjective: Ife and Modakeke areas in Sw Nigeria include engaged in protracted communal assault. The issue has grown and matured to the extent that it must be no longer an actual battle by itself. Its psychological dimension has reached the extent that both parties happen to be in cool war. Efforts of simple social networks and formal community institutions set up to address the conflict haven’t produced lasting peace. Education is an instrument of attaining social change by determining sources of conflict and fixing them. Therefore, this daily news examines the intensity with the crisis, strategies to curb the violence and why these strategies have failed. It therefore proposes an integrated education premised on get in touch with theory to solve Ife-Modakeke conflict. It is argued that built-in school since it operates in UNITED STATES, Northern Ireland in europe, and His home country of israel is a tranquility initiative. It involves instructing children from communities that have suffered from continuous communal issue in an included school environment to enhance better cross-community associations. It therefore proves that speak to between residential areas within an educational setting might reduce intolerant attitudes and lead to better intergroup contact. Keywords: Bundled Education, Conflict, Ife, Modakeke, Contact

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In a society experiencing prolonged conflict (religious, ethnic or communal), the adding of civilizations (people, traditions, mores) through education appears to be a optimistic and long lasting initiative for conflict resolution. Ife and Modakeke are adjoining communities in Osun Point out,


Included Education: A musical instrument for Resolving Ife-Modakeke Discord in Osun State, Nigeria

Nigeria, which may have engaged in protracted communal assault and intra-ethnic conflict. Asiyanbola (2007) true that up to now, there had been seven significant wars involving the Ifes and Modakekes, that is- 1835-1849, 1882-1909, 19461949, 1981, 1983, 1997-1998, and 2000. Based upon this, the conflict is apparently the oldest intra-ethnic conflict in Nigeria because it continues to be going on for more than a century. Likewise, Augsburger (2002) and Omotayo (2005) concluded that the turmoil has become a unique raison prevent; its own self-empowered, and self-fulfilling, as it had since detached from its original cause. The conflict is growing and matured to the degree that it is no more a physical fight alone. Its psychological dimensions has come to the extent that each are in cold war. Asiyanbola (2007) concluded that girls that are wedded to the additional community and particularly their children have id crisis or in other words that some see the other person as strangers and enemy, although quite a percentage of the respondents observe each other while kinsmen. Consequently , it seems there may be existence of segregation involving the two communities in terms of relationship and even education most especially among the youths. Education is often used as a tool for achieving social change in the world. Hence, there should be an educational setting by which children from Ife and Modakeke areas would go to school together. This would make sure contact of not only the pupils for school yet also the parents in the management of school. This paper examines the intensity of the problems, strategies to reduce the physical violence and how come these strategies have not developed lasting option. It also considers an integrated education as a peacefulness initiative based upon contact theory according that Ife and Modakeke residential areas should be helped bring together inside the same school setting in order to overcome their...

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Bundled Education: An Instrument for Managing Ife-Modakeke Turmoil in Osun State, Nigeria

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Shina Olayiwola and Ndukaku Okorie, Obafemi Awolowo School (Ile-Ife, Nigeria)

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