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 Final Statement Of BRM Essay

п»їConsumer Shopping for Behavior pertaining to Mobile Phone

(Brand image, Quality, Price, Self- image)

Person Research Project

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Mr. Pitambar Rawal

Instructor, BRM (SAIM)

In partial completion of the requirements for Learn of Business Administration for the duration of

Business Research Methodology


Anisha Shakya




I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to southern Asian Company of Managing (PU) to get including Person business analysis in this Master in Business Government (MBA) plan and this business research project is the attempt to the fulfillment of requirement for Term III, Business Research Technique of Grasp in Business Supervision (MBA) software. This Individual organization research project will be prepared around the topic " Consumer Shopping for Behavior to get Mobile Phone” focusing on generally the several factors (Brand image, Top quality, Price, Self-image) that impact consumer obtaining decision. I would really prefer to show my own sense of gratitude and regard to Mr. Pitambar Rawal, organization research method instructor of saim to get providing me personally his time, valuable guidance, suggestions and co-operation through the entire preparation with this business study. Thank you

Yours sincerely

Anisha Shakya


South Oriental Institute of Management

Table of Contents


List of Tablesv

List of Figuresvi


Section I: Introduction1

1 . 1Background1

1 . 2 Significance with the study2

1 . 3 Trouble Statement3

1 ) 4 Targets of the Project3

1 . a few Theoretical Framework4

Research Questions4

Hypothesis Question5

1 . six limitation in the study6

Part II: Materials Review7

2 . 1 Books Review7

Phase III: Methodology10

3. 1 Sources of data10

3. a couple of Questionnaire design11

3. three or more Measurement and Scaling: 11

3. four Sampling Design11

3. five Data Administration and Analysis12

Chapter IV: Data Analysis13

4. one particular Data Analysis and presentation13

4. 1 . 1 Tabular representation by Gender13

5. 1 . two Tabular portrayal by Grow older group13

4. 1 . several Tabular representation by Occupation14

4. 1 ) 4 Tabular representation by Academic Qualification14

4. 2 Hypothesis (one way ANOVA)15

4. 3 Correlation Analysis18

4. 3. 1 Correlation Analysis amongst different likert scale factors18 AnnexI: Questionnaire21

List of Tables

Table one particular: Number of mobile phone in use

Stand 2: Category by Gender

Table several: Classification by simply Age Group

Table 4: Classification by occupation

Table five: classification by simply Academic diploma

Table6: Research of relationship between age group and buyer buying tendencies due to quality Table7: Evaluation of marriage between age group and buying tendencies due to cost Table8: Examination of relationship between age group and buying patterns due to manufacturer image. Table9: Analysis of relationship among age group and buying behavior because of self photo Table twelve: Correlation Analysis among different likert scale factors

Set of Figures

Determine 1: Consumer decision making method

Figure two: Theoretical construction for cellphone choice


PU: Pokhara University

MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION: Master of Business Supervision

WiFi: Wireless Fidelity

BRM: Business Study Methodology


OS: Operating System

Chapter I: Introduction

1 ) 1 Background

Mobile phone is known as a communication device that can help to generate and receive calls over the radio hyperlink while moving around different spots and various geographical areas. The 1st mobile phones were hardly portable when compared with today's small hand-held products. The first hand-held mobile phone was demonstrated by Dr . Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973 using a handset weighing two kg. In 1983, the DynaTAC 8000x was the initially to be commercially available. In the twenty years from 1990 to 2010, worldwide cellular phone subscriptions grew from doze. 4 million to over 5. 6...

Sources: Blackwell, L., Miniard, G., & Engel, J. (2006). Consumer behavior, Mason, Thomson.

Basterfield, D. H., Basterfield, M. C., Basterfield, G. H., & Basterfield, Meters. (1999). Total Quality Administration, 2nd release, India: Pearson education.

Cooper, D. L., & Schindler, P. S. (2009). Organization Research Strategies. 9th copy, New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill Company

Transmettre, J

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New Zealand (2014)

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Singh, J., Goyal, B. W


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