Plot response of Rice in Cote d'Ivoire: Macro-level response and some policy implications

 Acreage response of Rice in Cote d’Ivoire: Macro-level response and several policy ramifications Essay

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Original Research Paper

Acreage response of grain in CГґte D'ivoire: Macro-level

response and a few policy effects

Accepted 26 October, 2013

Boansi David

Center to get Development Exploration

(ZEF), University of Bonn,



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Tel.: +4915218152877

To assist inform policy decisions on how current and future source deficits in rice intended for CГґte d'Ivoire can be bridged, the current study estimated the acreage response of rice to some picked price and non-price factors over the period 1966-2009. Rapport of the a large plot response style were estimated through the Ordinary Least Potager (OLS) and tested pertaining to appropriate common Gaussian real estate. Results with the study demonstrates, Cote d'Ivoire could improve its rice supply by using measures to improve land place under fostering, ensure harmonization between produce and location cultivated, lessen labor shortages, address negative fiscal effects of the exchange rate system and showcase stakeholder participation in progress the grain supply sequence to help talk about current inefficiencies in the marketing and distribution network. A surprising breakthrough discovery from the current study is that rice farmers in the country reply more to changes in manufacturer price of maize than to developer price of rice.

Keywords and phrases: Labour lack, marketing program, supply shortage, co-integration


CГґte d'Ivoire possess significant land area suitable for

farming of rice, experienced farmers, high-yielding grain varieties with good physical properties and satisfactory

monetary and institutional environment among others

(MoA, 2012). In spite of these advantages, the region is confronted with food insecurity for grain by virtue of it is strong

dependence on import. Self-sufficiency of the nation in

rice has generally remained beneath 50% (according to

estimations of FAO, FAOSTAT 2013) for more than two

decades in spite of various intense policy procedures

that have been devised and executed to develop the

local rice industry.

By the year 2012, national rice production (703, 566

MT milled equivalent) met less than 40% from the domestic

intake needs (1, 825, 733 MT) with 1, 222, 207 MT

deficiency bridged through imports (MoA, 2012).

Production and consumption prediction as published by the

Ministry of Culture and shown in Figure (1)

signifies that in the event of the absence of comprehensive

action, the country must import 1, 731, 583 MT of rice by year 2020 to bridge the predicted gap in rice


This would cause major output of foreign exchange

and show the country to shocks within the world industry due

to uncertainties in future supply plus the volatile characteristics of prices in the marketplace. To help notify future policy decisions in meeting the expected debt in source, there is a need to identify and appropriately talk about the significant motorists of community rice supply. Due to diminishes observed in place

cultivated of rice in the area since the 12 months 1995. The

current study would be dedicated to estimating expanse

response as being a dimension of supply. Focus on acreage

developed is of significance for id of the

constraints of place expansion and boosters if any. Findings

from this examine could be useful to policy producers,

prospective traders and in agribusiness planning.

Grain policy and government assistance

Rice ingestion in CГґte d'Ivoire have been reported to

account for more than half of the cereal intake. This can be a major basic piece food used in the country, and the need to reach

food protection and achieve self-sufficiency is the focus of the country's gardening development policies. In its pursuit of providing food security and reducing poverty in

Int. J. Agric....

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