Exegesis: All judges Iii

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Exegesis: Judges III

Within the Passage

-key pieces of the passage described in detail (historically, message wise, theologically)

-Key word examine (comprehensive, certain, and conscious complexity and ambiguity? )

-summary with the passage (clear, concise, persuasive)

-other Biblical material to comprehend this verse (references anywhere else in the OT or NT

- list your sources


I actually. Prologue: Imperfect Conquest and Apostasy (1: 1- three or more: 6)

A. First Episode: Israel's Failure to Purge the Land (1: 1- two: 5)

N. Second Show: God's Dealings with Israel's Rebellion (2: 6- three or more: 6) II. Oppression and Deliverance (3: 7- 16: 31)

A. Othneil Defeats Aram Naharaim (3: 7-11)

B. Ehud Defeats Moab (3: 12-30)

C. Deborah Defeats Canaan (Chs. 4-5)

D. Gideon Defeats Midian (Chs. 6-8)

e. Abimelech, the anti- judge (Ch. 9)

N. Jepthah Defeats Ammon (10: 6- doze: 7)

3. Epilogue: Faith based and Meaning Disorder (Chs. 17-21)

A. First Episode (Chs. 17-18; discover 17: 6th; 18: 1)

1 . Micah's Corruption of Morals (Ch. 19)

installment payments on your The Benjaminites' near removal from their tribal territory (Chs. 20-21)

Summary and malfunction

There is a re-occurring theme available of All judges, which is also viewed in the third chapter. Mcdougal [tradition ascribes this book to Samuel, but the actual author is usually unknown] summarizes and explains the Lords transactions with His rebellious people simply by starting every passage by simply saying that those of His home country of israel at the time " Did bad in the eye of the Lord”. Each circuit has a comparable beginning, again stating that " The individuals did evil in the eye of the Lord” (There is actually a total of five times through which this pattern of Sin, Servitude, Supplication, and Solution occur, available of Judges) 1 . ) Sin- The Israelites droped into habits of ideal worship and turn away from the instructions given to all of them in the Legislation of Moses (Ten Commandments) 2 . ) Servitude- Neighboring nations get into and oppress the Israelites. Israelites are unable to resist. three or more. ) Supplication- Under...


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