Executive Brief summary

 Executive Brief summary Essay


(WEEK 1)

What is an Entrepreneur?

* Somebody who recognizes the opportunity, to act, and also to improve the joy around him/her. * The meaning is accumulated by a group of examples of pioneeringup-and-coming behavior.

There is a immediate correlation between your size of the condition (how a large number of people suffer from it) and the quality with the solution.

Angel Shareholders use their own money to finance different business ventures.

Adversarial Subdivision measures to be able to ‘get up' from hardship. * Large levels mean that ‘you are able to keep getting pulled down' nevertheless always acquired back up. 2. How very well one can endure adversity and how they conquer it with success. 5.

Positionnement of Control deals with how a person views the world – someone who will take responsibly regarding action or one who blames other people for actions. * If someone has a large locus of control, agree to responsibility for their universe and whatever occurs them. 2. Locus of Control refers to an individual's belief about the underlying main causes of situations in his or her life 5. Internal Positionnement of Control - Person believes that his/her actions are guided by simply his/her personal decisions and efforts 5. External Positionnement of Control - Specific believes that his/her behavior is guided simply by fate, good fortune, or additional external conditions * Entrepreneurs have excessive levels of internal locus of control

" In case you haven't failed, you are not seeking hard enough”

" Challenge your self as an entrepreneur or else why try? ”

Example #1 – Richard Branson

2. New Youngsters Magazine (Student) – tried to use the magazine to change the earth (established during the 70s if the hippies were beginning to come out) 5. Became an enterprise and content success

* Created a student prediction program to encourage the youth to fix their concerns etc . (Discussed homosexuality, abortion) *

* Started Virgin Records was established through the magazine under postal mail ordering, and after that later transformed the environment into a storefront. 5. Transferred the record store to a studio room by purchasing a mansion 2. Opened two nightclubs immediately after the record company was picking up. 2. By 1980, Virgin Documents was millions in debt.

5. Next endeavor was the Aircarrier Industry, started " Virgin mobile Atlantic” 5. To gain advertising, Richard attemptedto cross the Atlantic which has a small fishing boat. (New York to London) – than later employed a hot balloon going across the Atlantic * Excessive Internal Positionnement of Control – begins his own airline when ever advised not to.

2. High Adversarial Quotient

* Dramon Entrepreneur

(WEEK 2)

Suboptimal Solutions is a theory that the target of an businessman is to be an agent of modify. * Businessperson sees unmet need as opportunity and wants to change the suboptimal equilibrium. * The current express does not meet everyone.

Suboptimal Sense of balance Solutions

* So an entrepreneur is person who sees the initial state, perceives the pleasure deficient and moves to swap it * Brings about creative damage

Martin's 3 Elements intended for Entrepreneurship

* Suboptimal Solution is present (there is actually a pain available in the market – unmet need) 2. Person delivers

* Inspiration

* Creativeness

* Immediate action

* Courage

* Fortitude

* Results in a 10x change in balance, shifting the complete market

Creative Destruction -- process of professional mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from the inside, incessantly eliminating the old 1, incessantly building a new 1. * Digital Music destroys CD-ROM

* iTunes/ Napster (discontinues the purpose of record label business distribution) -- this proved that buyers wanted a different distribution component * Google-maps (discontinues ATLAS)

* Wikipedia (discontinued the Encyclopedia BOOKS)

10X RULE – The 10x rule implies that in order to gain market...


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