Engineering Temperature Report

 Engineering Temperature Report Study Paper



JOSHUA KEARNEY; n8351937, PARTNER: Robert Lagendyk


Joshua Kearney

Queensland university of Technology




JOSHUA KEARNEY; n8351937, PARTNER: Robert Lagendyk


Joshua Kearney

Queensland university of Technology



To measure the Latent heat of fusion of ice.

Introduction/ Background

Through this experiment most units executed were transformed into SI devices and all data was recorded to four significant digits. Therefore , all miles were tested in metres, time in secs and fat in kilograms. In order to decide the Valuable heat of fusion of ice the subsequent equations had been utilized: 2. Q=miLf [1]

* Q=mcО”T [2]

5. Qi= mFLF+micwО”T i [3]

* Qw+Qc=mwcwT2-T1+mccc(T2-T1) [4]

* miLf+micwО”Ti+mwcwT2-T1+mcccT2-T1=0 [5]

* LF = mwcwT2-T1+mcccT2-T1-micwО”Timi [6]

2. c = QmО”T [7]

* mmcmTf-Tm+mwcwTf-Tw+mcccTf-Tc=0 [8]

2. cm= (mccc+mwcw)(Tf-Tw)mm(Tm-Tf) [9]

Explication used in this kind of report:

* C = Specific Temperature

* m = mass

* Big t = heat

* Q = Strength

* Lf = Latent heat of fusion

Trial and error Method:

COMPONENT A – Latent Heat

1 . The calorimeter and stirrer were weighed by themselves. The calorimeter was then fifty percent filled with normal water and acessed again. Measurements were in that case conducted to obtain the mass of water injected. 2 . Plan of a Calorimeter, Retrieved coming from: Plan of a Calorimeter, Retrieved by: The timing method labelled ‘Apparatus and Description', located in the appendices, was followed, documenting the temp before, during and after the ice was added at 40 second time periods. The ice-water mixture was also stirred slowly and continuously through the experiment. The set-up with the calorimeter can be seen in the diagram to the right. 3. The mass of the ice included in the calorimeter was then simply determined by evaluating the calorimeter after the glaciers had finished melting. The in pounds from before and after the research was thought as the mass of the glaciers. 4. A graph was then drawn for the test showing the temperature vs time and nearly temperature drop due to the ice being added was recorded. a few. Equation six was then used along with the Specific high temperature of water and birdwatcher in order to estimate the Important heat of fusion of ice. PART B – Specific High temperature Capacity

1 . Enough tap water was added to the calorimeter in order that it just covered the thermometer bulb. The calorimeter was then weighed. The mass of water inserted was then determined using the earlier weight with the calorimeter. installment payments on your The temperatures of the calorimeter and water was recorded. several. Diagram of Electronic warm plate employed in experiment, Retrieved from: Diagram of Electronic sizzling plate employed in experiment, Recovered from: The alloys being used inside the experiment had been then weighed and submerged in constantly boiling water until it was presumed the precious metals were in approximately similar temperature as the hot water. The picture of the heat plate located to the correct was used to heat the and material. 4. The heated metallic was then simply quickly and carefully utilized in the calorimeter using the tongs supplied. 5. The water in the calorimeter was continuously stirred and the maximum temperature was recorded. 6. Measures 1 to 5 were in that case repeated to get the various other 2 samples of metal. six. From the data recorded the specific heat of one metal was calculated. Benefits

Table of masses (for calculations):


Wooden Lid| 22. 85

Calorimeter, Stirrer and Lid| 140. your five

Calorimeter, Stirrer, Lid and Water| 223. 0

Calorimeter, Stirrer, Lid, Water and Melted Ice cubes...

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