Energy and Heat Stream

 Energy and Heat Circulation Essay

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CP Chemistry Chapter 14 Syllabus: Thermochemistry – Temperature and Chemical substance Change Finish the following tasks and software program them to the back of this box in order. Items Points Task Comments Attained Possible 12-15 Practice Complications Worksheet twelve Chapter Lecture Notes 6 a couple of 14 6th 2 almost eight 6 5 8 six 11. one particular Guided Browsing (p. 293-299) Sample Issue 11-1 11. 1 Challenges 6, eight, 10, 37, 41, forty-four, 45 14. 2 Led Reading (p. 300-306) Sample Problem 11-3 11. a couple of Problems 15, 16, 18, 46 11. 3 Led Reading (p. 307-311) Sample Problems 11-4 and 11-5 11. three or more Problems twenty six (acde), twenty-seven, 53 (abd), 67 Total Review Problems (p. 324) 78, 79, 81 Total Points 75 Final Report (Percent)

CP Chemistry – Chapter 10: Heat and Chemical Change Monday Tuesday Wednesday 18 19 Movement of Energy and Heat Measurements Start 14. 1 Challenges HW: GR/SP/Finish Problems 14. 1 26 Lab: Particular Heat of any Metal twenty Thermochem formula 11. a couple of Problems Whiteboards A

Thurs night 21 High temperature and Stage Changes eleven. 3 Problems Whiteboards A HW: GR and SP 11. a few 28 Surface finish Practice Challenges WS Whiteboards C HW: make note bed sheet for to discover

Friday twenty-two Heating Curves Finish Whiteboards A

twenty-five Whiteboards B HW? h

HW: GR and SP 11. 2 27 Debrief lab – go over measurements Whiteboards B HW: End Lab – due Thurs

HW: Surface finish any concerns 1 Section 11 To discover

HW: groundwork corections four Debrief Quiz HW Verify Whiteboards HW: Cumulative Assessment Problems

HW: Start Practice Problems WS 5 Part 11 Check Packet Due

HW: complete packet intended for homework examine

** GR = Well guided Reading

SP = Sample Problems

Section 11 Records: Thermochemistry Parts 11. 1-11. 3

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The vocabulary is important this chapter. Some meanings are the same except for just one or two phrases. Make sure to understand vocabulary early on to be successful this chapter! Thermochemistry: The study of ________________________ changes that occur during chemical reactions AND changes of state.


Variable sama dengan ________________ Establish:

SI Unit: _______________ Prevalent Units: __________________________

Heat usually flows via a _________________________ object into a ____________________________ target. Example:

When dealing with heat movement we utilize terms __________________________ and ________________________.



Endothermic or Exothermic Reactions and Processes:

Definition: Exothermic


Indication of q What happens to system What you truly feel (the surroundings) Examples

Put in place chemical reaction

Just how heat circulation is measured:

You need to know this conversions:

Unhealthy calories vs . calories: In the hormone balance lab all of us use unhealthy calories when testing heat stream. The Calories that you find on your food product labels are corresponding to 1000 unhealthy calories. Example one particular: Convert 605 calories to Joules.

Convert 950 Calories to calorie consumption.

Heat Capacity and Particular Heat:

Some definitions: calorie: The quantity of high temperature required to raise the temperature of ___________________________ _______by 1 °C. Heat potential: The quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of _____________________ ________by 1 °C. Specific Heat (C): The number of heat necessary to raise the temperature of ___________________________ by one particular °C. Illustrations: Concrete vs . Water

You will find 4 types of complications you will be in charge of this phase. Type 1: Calculating temperature (q) or specific temperature (C) when ever there is a procedure with a temperature change. Keywords and phrases: " temperature is increased from _______°C to _______°C. ” or " temperatures is increased by _____°C. ”

Prevalent specific high temperature values: Cice = 2 . 1 J/g°C

Cwater=4. 18 J/g°C or perhaps 1 cal/g°C

Csteam=1. 7 J/g°C

Good examples: 1 . When ever 435 T of heat can be added to several. 4 grms of essential olive oil at 21°C, the heat increases to 85 °C. What is the precise heat of olive oil?

installment payments on your How much high temperature is required to enhance the temperature of 250. zero g of mercury by simply 52 °C? (see textual content for specific heat...


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