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Initial Written Research Assignment

CASE #10: amazon, Inc.: Bidding process for the Future – page a hunread forty two of circumstance book.

Case analysis sets you inside the shoes of those faced with genuine managerial circumstances and forces you to make decisions because managers depending on limited details and a finite time frame.

Your aim is to assess the situation coming from a top manager's perspective, simply by asking this:

1) What elements are critical to comprehending the current scenario? 2) How do these factors affect the other person (do some cause others)? 3) What problems and opportunities happen to be evident? 4) What workable recommendations may be offered?

While preparing a case examination it is important being thoroughly knowledgeable about the case. This means that you must look at the case for both general opinions and for specific facts.

In writing a case analysis, and class talks, you need to offer supporting proof for your landscapes and judgments. Use restricted logical fights backed by details and statistics; avoid unsupported opinion and over-generalizations. Avoid sentences that state benefits. Finally, your analysis must be reasonable and objective.


The purpose of studying cases is always to help you discover those factors which directly influence the company's performance and its competitive edge in the market place.

Drafted assignments ought to present the specific situation as it exists at the time of the situation. These tasks are designed to help you develop abilities at sifting through plenty of data of a company and its particular industry, in order to find that data which can help you understand why the corporation is successful or not.

Once you realize what drives company efficiency, you can more readily see what needs to be done to ensure upcoming profitability. As well, mastering this kind of skill can help you determine which in turn employers are likely to grow and prosper and which might be went toward inability.

Procedures and Formats

Situations should be done singularly. Below you will find the required format. Follow these kinds of formats since closely since you can.

File Identifying and Identification - You should name your word file in the next manner:

External_Analysis_STUDENTNAME for the external analysis;


Internal_Analysis_STUDENTNAME for the internal analysis.

Be sure you include your name on the conventional paper!

Below there is the required structure for the external evaluation paper. If you don't follow this format, you will be assessed an automatic 15 stage deduction.

Quality papers will probably be between 6th & almost eight pages in length, 1 ½ spacing, 11 point font.




In this section, give a review of the whole case (a situation analysis). It is useful to give a historical frame (the who, what, where, the moment and why) and a summary of the important strategic problems.

General Environment

Which standard environment dimension(s) is/are most relevant in this case? For what reason? List them in the order of importance; but , ALSO talk about why the very best THREE are really important to this business:

- Market segment

-- Economic portion

- Political/legal segment

-- Sociocultural part

- Technical segment

- Global portion

- Physical segment

Make sure you indicate if the segment can be an OPPORTUNITY or possibly a THREAT for the company.

Industry Environment

Solution what kind of industry this really is in general and after that define it specifically listed below.

Industry Classification – e. g. Selling Industry as well as Airline Sector

List and explain the dominant market characteristics under.

Explain the Dominant Qualities of this Industry -

Market Size – (This industry�s REVENUE / TOTAL MARKETPLACE REVENUES)

Your life Cycle Stage – (look...


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