Ear and Following Concerns

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TELEVISION news viewership has rejected steadily within the last two decades. A lot of factors may have contributed to the fall: busy lifestyles, lack of curiosity, and the rise of the Net. As viewership has declined, the remaining viewers have old. Today, the standard evening news viewer is usually 60 years older. TV networks' response to these kinds of changes features largely recently been negative. They have dropped hard news in favor of opinion pieces, " use the e-cig pieces, " and tales that are of interest only to their older demographic. As a result, TELEVISION SET news have not just become unpopular, they have also become largely useless.

The following queries are based on this passage.

1 . Which with the following assertions from the passage is an opinion?

A. Several factors may well have contributed to the fall.

B. Because viewership provides declined, the viewers have got aged.

C. They have decreased hard media.

D. It includes also turn into largely worthless.

2 . Which will of the next is the author's purpose in the passage?

A. To influence readers that TV news is no longer really worth watching

M. To show just how busy lifestyles have brought on a decrease in TV news watching

C. To clarify that TELEVISION news uses " puff pieces" to draw viewers

M. To describe the way the Internet has had an adverse impact on TV news

Peat bogs are wetlands that contain acidic water and large deposits of compressed, dead plant materials known as peat moss. Peat bogs are typically shallow and highlighted by regions of semi-dry land. Slabs of peat may be cut from the bog and used in culture or dried and then burned up as energy. Peat was a significant energy in some pre-industrial societies, especially those that lacked plentiful firewood. Peat bogs can maintain dead plant life and pets because the acidic water prevents rotting and decomposition. Notably, some of the best-preserved early individual remains had been discovered in peat moss bogs.

The following questions are based on this verse.

3. May well conclusion based upon the verse is that peat bogs A. are good environments for ancient investigation.

N. have been evaporating since the Commercial Revolution.

C. are viable sources of tolerable water for many communities.

D. have been an initial source of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

4. Which with the following content from the verse contains a viewpoint?

A. Peat moss bogs are usually shallow and punctuated by simply areas of semi-dry land.

N. Peat was a significant gas in some pre-industrial societies, individuals that lacked plentiful fire wood.

C. Peat bogs can easily preserve useless plants and animals for the reason that acidic normal water prevents decaying and decomposition.

D. Important, some of the best-preserved early man remains have been discovered in peat moss bogs.

Business-Speak In recent years the corporate world has gave its own unique, jargon-filled sub-language. This sub-language is often known as " business-speak" (or " manager-speak, " since several of its the majority of enthusiastic users are managers and executives).

Business-speak is not a unique phenomenon. Every profession or perhaps field invents its own particular words, to be able to express difficult ideas without excessive wordiness. For example , the casino community popularized the term " camps, " which in turn refers to freebies or providers given to casino patrons to encourage them to gamble.

Business-speak consists of some valuable phrases, yet also is experiencing three major problems: unneeded words, euphemistic words, and overused words and phrases.

The initially problem is regarding unnecessary terms. Jargon is merely useful if no existing words can easily do the job- but many business-speak phrases replace perfectly very good existing terms. For example , " vis-a-vis" is normally used rather than the simpler " in relation to" or " compared to. " In this case, the business-speak phrase isn't very much shorter than existing terms, but it is unquestionably more unknown. This is one step in the wrong direction.

The 2nd problem is regarding euphemism. Instead of...


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