Exploring Ethics: Comparing Aristotle, Kant and Mill

 Essay regarding Exploring Ethics: Comparing Aristotle, Kant and Mill

Comparison of Aristotle, Kant, and Mill

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Aristotle represents advantage ethics, Margen represents work ethics, and Mill represents utilitarianism. All authors end up pregnent of morality as the search for the highest good. That they disagree about the definition of the top good. For Aristotele, it truly is happiness realized as self-sufficiency (fulfillment of all desires), consisting in activity in conformity with advantage (EN 1 ) 7), pertaining to Kant it is just a good will certainly, defined by duty (GMM, ed. Ellington, p. several: 393; l. 9: 397), for Work it is joy understood as pleasure and absence of discomfort (Utilitarianism, ch. 2).

untarily or through ignorance or for an ulterior objective, and not in the interest of performing only acts. ” EN 6th. 12. 1144a13–16, cf. 5. 6. 1134a19–23; 5. 8. 1135b2–6.


1 . " For in the case of what is to become morally very good, that it adjusts to the moral law is definitely not enough; it must also be carried out for the sake of the moral regulation. ” GMM, p. 3: 390. installment payments on your " An excellent will great not as a result of what it results or achieves, nor due to the fitness to achieve some proposed end; it can be good simply through the willing, we. e. it can be good in alone. ” GMM, p. several: 394. a few. "[T]o preserve one's life is a duty; and furthermore, everyone has as well an immediate desire to do so. But on this bank account the often stressed care taken by most men for this has no inbuilt worth, as well as the maxim of their action has no moral content. They maintain their lives, to be sure, according to duty, however, not from work. On the other hand, if adversity and hopeless sadness have totally taken away the taste for life, in the event that an unfortunate man … desires for death and yet maintains his life without supportive it – not from inclination or perhaps fear, but from obligation – then simply his maxim indeed provides a moral content material. ” GMM, p. 12: 397–398. 4. " The 2nd proposition is this: An action completed from duty has the moral really worth, not inside the purpose that may be to be achieved by it, but also in the maxim according where the action is determined. The moral well worth depends, therefore , not within the realization in the object of the action, although merely for the principle of volition relating to which … the action has been performed. From what has gone ahead of it is obvious that the functions which we may have inside our actions, as well as their effects regarded as ends and offers of the can, cannot give to actions any unconditioned and moral worth. Where, after that, can this worth rest if it is not to be found inside the will's relation to the predicted effect? Nowhere fast but in the principle with the will, with no regard for the ends that could be brought about through such action. ” GMM, p. 12–13: 399–400.

A comparison of moral ideas: the moral value is based on …

agent • firm character • acts via choice • for the sake of the noble • acts w/ knowledge • acts with pleasure • sense needs accord with reason • act coming from duty action • aim a typical • certainly not intrinsically bad consequences • if not far off, they have to be used into account

Aristotle Kant

• in agreement with duty • no value alone

• not any value


• unsociable

• each of the value

JUST HOW TWO EXPERTS DIFFER FROM THE 3RD a) Aristotle and Margen as opposed to Generator 1 . ) For Aristotle and Kant, the emphasis lies upon disposition with the agent, and little (Aristotle, 5. 8. 1135b17–25) or not at all (Kant, p. 7f.: 394) about effects of a task (the consequences), whereas Work all that counts are the associated with an action. Aristotle: 1 . "[T]he man who does not enjoy performing noble actions is a bad man in any way, ” SOBRE 1 . 8. 1099a17–19. 2 . " In addition, the factors involved in the artistry and in the virtues are not the same. In the artistry, excellence lies in the result by itself, so that it can be sufficient if it is of a certain kind. But in the truth of the virtues, an work is certainly not performed justly or with self-control in case the act alone is of a specific kind, although only if in addition the agent has specific characteristics when he performs that: first of, he must really know what he is undertaking; secondly, he or she must choose to act the way...


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