Direct And Indirect Guidelines

 Direct And Indirect Rules Essay




PRESENT SIMPLE changes into EARLIER SIMPLE This individual said, " I set a letter”

The girl said, " he goes toward school daily”

They said, " we appreciate our country”

He explained, " he does not like computer”

He said that this individual wrote a letter.

This individual said that she went to school daily.

They said that they cherished their country

He declared he would not like laptop.


He explained, " he is listening to the music”

Your woman said, " I i am washing my clothes”

They said, " were enjoying the weather”

My spouse and i said, " it is raining”

She stated, " I am certainly not laughing”

This individual said that having been listening to the background music.

She stated that she was washing her clothes.

They said that they are not enjoying the elements.

She said that she was not laughing.

PRESENT PERFECT adjustments into PREVIOUS PERFECT The girl said, " he provides finished his work”

This individual said, " I have started a job”

I explained, " the lady have consumed the meal”

They said, " we have not gone to New York.

She stated that he had done his work.

He stated that he had began a job.

My spouse and i said that your woman had enjoyed the food.

They said that they can had not visited New York.

PRESENT PERFECT ONGOING changes in to PAST EXCELLENT CONTINUOUS He said, " I have been learning since three or more O'clock”

The girl said, " It has been raining for three days. ”

I actually said, " She has been working in this office seeing that 2007” This individual said that he had been studying since 3 O'clock.

The lady said that this been pouring for three times.

I declared that she had been working in this office since 2007.


EARLIER SIMPLE changes into PAST PERFECT This individual said to me personally, " you answered correctly”

John stated, " that they went to cinema”

He said, " I produced a table”

She said, " My spouse and i didn't buy a car”

He thought to me that we had solved correctly.

Ruben said that they'd gone to theatre.

He declared he had built a desk.

She stated that she had not bought a car.


Someone said, " we were enjoying the weather”

This individual said to me personally, " I was waiting for you”

I said, " It had been raining”

She said, " I was not really laughing”

Someone said that they have been enjoying.

This individual said to me personally that he had been awaiting me.

I said that it was raining.

The lady said that your woman not recently been laughing.

PAST PERFECT alterations into EARLIER PERFECT (tense does not change) She explained, " She had stopped at a doctor”

He said, " I had developed started a business”

I actually said, " she got eaten the meal”

Someone said, " there were not gone to New York.

Your woman said that the girl had frequented a doctor.

He said that he had started a business.

I declared that she acquired eaten the meal.

Someone said they had certainly not gone to Ny.



IS GOING TO changes in WOULD

This individual said, " I will analyze the book”

She said, " Let me buy a computer”

Someone said to me, " we will send you gifts”

I said, " Let me not take the exam”

He said that he would study the book.

She said that she would buy a computer.

They said in my opinion that they will send you items.

I said that I would not take the exam.


WILL BE adjustments into CAN BE

I said to him, " I will be waiting for him”

The lady said, ” I will be switching to fresh home”

He said, " I will be working hard”

This individual said, " he will not really be soaring kite”

We said to him that I would end up being waiting for him.

She stated that she would always be shifting into a new house.

He declared that he would end up being working hard.

The girl said that he would not always be flying pret-a-monter.



He said, " I will include finished the work”

The girl said, " they will have got passed the examination”

He said, " I will include gone”

This individual said that he would have completed the work.

She said that they can have approved the examination.

He declared he would have gone....


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