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Denver International Airport Baggage Managing System:

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The challenge of each and every project should be to make it work and become successful in the triple restrictions. The new Colorado International Airport (DIA) baggage controlling system was one committed project that failed. In spite of the several huge amounts of US us dollars invested within a period of ten years to make the program work, " the baggage system designed and created by BAE Automated Program Inc, launched, chewed up, and throw out hand bags so often that this became referred to as baggage system from hell”. ( Nelson, 2007). This paper is going to explore the challenges that such a project presented, and can analyze the contributing factors in regards to supervision aspects which in turn did help the failure with the baggage managing system job at the new Denver International Airport.


The purpose of the Denver Airport terminal baggage managing system task was to provide the city of Denver with the world's largest computerized airport luggage handling program. Initially, these kinds of project seemed and viewed feasible since the initiators of the project believed. All constraints the project demands were present; therefore those whom the project was intended to may expect the delivery from the new program within the initial time designated to the task. Unfortunately, the project turned into a disaster at its earlier stage, as BAE Automated Program Inc the corporation chosen intended for the recognition of the job came to know the complexity of the process it was to achieve, which obviously was going to trigger changes to the complete project. Thus, the task was going to go through changes to it is requirements, plan, and spending budget. In addition , other reasons contributed to the project's failing, and those will probably be explored and analyzed as well.

Project Overview:

The development of the new Denver Airport terminal started in later 1989 and it was approximated to be completed in late 1993. Yet, your initial estimated cost for the project was 2 enormous amounts US dollars. The new Hawaii International Airport was going to be one of the largest and many technologically advanced airfields in the world. At first officials by city and county of Denver recommended that each every airline decides their own suitcase handling program. Therefore , United Airlines developed with BAE to design and make an automated suitcases handling program for their fatal. Just couple of years after the building of United Airlines fatal started, air-port officials located it easy for United Flight companies to have this kind of a sophisticated suitcase handling system, so air-port officials manufactured contact with BAE to see if there were a possibility the company forms such something that could take care of the luggage handling for all terminals. BAE signed a contract with international airport officials to provide the new airport terminal with a extensive baggage handling system that no additional airport has in the United States. Your initial budget for the project was 193 million dollars and the new system was to always be delivered in a 21 month period. * Purpose of the baggage controlling system:

" The system was intended to deliver each handbag individually –including transfers-automatically by check-in or maybe the unloading from the aircraft towards the outward destined aircraft or baggage claim”. (Neufville, 1994). * Maximum delivery moments intended to be among 20 minutes and half an hour depending on aircrafts sizes. 5. System need to deliver over 1000 carriers per minute.

* Several major concerns arose plus the new Denver colorado International airport would not open since scheduled. Consequently, the starting of the airport terminal was sixteen months late. * Cost overrun totaled over 253 million dollars and total airport cost estimated by 4 great dollars 5. Estimated delivery time was extremely hard

* Program was complicated enough and showed no reliability

Adding to factors:

1 . Underestimation of complexity:


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