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Option A or Alternative B:

The Steps of the Decision Making


Michelle Krehbiel, File format Youth Advancement Specialist


You will be able to utilize the decision making process

to personal or family situations.


After completing this lesson, it is possible to:

• Identify the steps of the decision making process

• Identify elements that affect decision making

• Apply your decision making process when making



We make hundreds of decisions every day. These kinds of

decisions could be as routine since when to get out of bed,

what to consume for lunch, or if you should exercise, or decisions

is often as significant since what job to pursue or where you can

live. Whether making a decision about something fairly

routine or maybe a major your life event, producing good decisions

takes time, practice, and conscious thought.

Meaning of Decision Making

Making decisions is the technique of choosing what things to

do by simply considering the possible consequences of various choices (Brockman & Russell, 2009; Master, 2001a). Your decision making process is known as a tool which can help you

or your family users reach goals, gain greater control

above your life, and help you become more satisfied with the

quality in your life (Walker, 2001b).

Factors Affecting Decision Making

Producing decisions may be complex because of the

large amount of factors that affect the decision production process (Brockman & Russell, 2009). Some factors are certain to you while an individual just like your ideals,

goals, and priorities. Elements are external such as

ethnical and community values, religious beliefs, media impacts, peers, close friends, and family members. When making decisions it is important to know how these influences effects

the process.

Goal setting is important for the decision making

process because it will help determine options and set

a course of action. Specifically, goals are the outcome

that an person, family, or perhaps community performs toward

(Walker, 2001). Goals can be divided into short-term and

long-term. Short-term goals happen to be defined as something

you aspire to achieve within six months, while long-term

goals are a thing you hope to achieve industry period

much longer than half a year. An example of a short-term goal

is arranging your home workplace, and one of

a long-term goal is usually saving money for the new car.

Personal ideals also influence decision making. Ideals

are some thing you believe that impacts the behavior.

Examples of values include honesty, education, good

overall health, or economical security. Principles help identify

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options and consequences of options inside the decision

making process. For example , if you highly value financial security, you will help to make decisions that will include having adequate cost savings and/or keeping expenses to a


Methods of the Decision Making Process

1 ) State the situation or scenario. The decision making process begins with a situation or problem being addressed­or fixed. It can be helpful to write down

the challenge.

2 . Consider carefully your goals and values. The goals you set

for yourself happen to be influenced from your values. Being aware of

your principles and desired goals will help you figure out what

is ideal.

3. Determine the options. Look for as many options as

conceivable to solve your condition or scenario. Be creative as you consider options. A lot more options you imagine of, the much more likely it is that might be

a solution...


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