Credit rating Link Capital Subsidy Scheme

 Credit Link Capital Subsidy Scheme Article


Revised Suggestions on

Credit Associated Capital Security Scheme (CLCSS)


Technology Upgradation


Small Scale Sectors (SSI)

(As on April 20, 2006)

Office from the Development Office (SSI)

Ministry of Small Scale Industrial sectors

Government of India

Nirman Bhavan, Fresh Delhi-110011

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1 . Guidelines with the Credit Connected Capital Security Scheme(CLCSS) two Appendices: --

a) Approved list of Well Established and Improved Technologies within the CLCSS (Appendix - My spouse and i ) i) Bio-tech Market

ii) Common Fertilizer Treatment Flower

iii) Corrugated Packing containers

iv) Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

v) Dyes and Intermediates

vi) Market based on Therapeutic and Aromatic plants

vii) Plastic-type Moulded/ Extruded Products and Parts/ Components viii) Rubber Processing including Cycle/ Rickshaw Tyres

ix) Food Digesting (including Ice Cream manufacturing)

x) Fowl Hatchery & Cattle Feed Industry

xi) Dimensional Stone Market (excluding Quarrying and Mining) xii) Goblet and Ceramic Items which includes Tiles

xiii) Leather and Leather Items including Footwear and Clothes xiv) Digital equipment viz test, calculating and assembly/ manufacturing, Professional process control; Analytical, Medical, Electronic Consumer & Connection equipment etc . xv) Followers & Motors Industry

xvi) Standard Light Service(GLS) Lamps

xvii) Information Technology (Hardware)

xviii) Vitamin Filled Sheathed Heating Elements

xxix) Transformer/ Electrical Stampings/ Laminations /Coils/Chokes including Solenoid coils xx) Wires & Cable Market

xxi) Auto Parts and Components

xxii) Bicycle Parts

xxiii) Combustion Devices/ Appliances

xxiv) Forging & Hand Tools

xxv) Foundries – Stainlesss steel and Solid Iron

xxvi) Basic Engineering Works

xxvii) Gold Plating and Jewelry

xxviii) Locks

xxix) Metal Furniture

xxx) Toys

xxxi) nonferrous Foundry

xxxii) Sport Merchandise

xxxiii) Makeup products

xxxiv) Readymade Garments

xxxv) Wooden Pieces of furniture

xxxvi) Mineral Water Bottle

xxxvii) Paints, Varnishes, Alkyds and Alkyd products

xxxviii) Gardening Implements and Post Harvesting Equipment

xxxix) Beneficiation of Graphite and Phosphate

xxxx) Khadi and Village Industrial sectors

xxxxi) Coir and Coir Products

xxxxii) Steel Re-rolling and /or Pencil Ingot making Industries xxxxiii) Zinc Sulphate

xxxxiv) Welding Electrodes

xxxxv) Stitching Machine Sector

xxxxvi) Industrial Smells

xxxxvii) Producing Industry

xxxxviii) Machine Equipment

b) List of Primary Lending Institutions (PLI) (Scheduled Commercial Financial institutions, State Economical Corporation (SFC) & the NSIC Limited, Cooperative Banks, Regional Rural Banks and North Far eastern Development Financial Institution, other crucial banks / agencies participating in the structure (Appendix II).

c) Agreement intended for Financial Assistance under the CLCSS (Appendix III)

d) Application Form intended for Assistance within the CLCSS (Appendix IV).

e) Details of the SIDBI Head Office and its branches.

f) Details of the NABARD Head office and its field offices.

Credit rating Linked Capital Subsidy System (CLCSS) for Technology Upgradation of the Small Scale Industries

1 . History

1 . 1 The Ministry of Small Scale Industries (SSI) is operating a system for technology upgradation of Small Scale Sectors (SSI) called the Credit rating Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS). The Scheme is aimed at facilitating technology upgradation by providing upfront capital subsidy to SSI devices, including little, khadi, town and coir industrial units, on institutional finance (credit) availed of by simply them to get modernisation of their production products (plant and machinery) and techniques. The Scheme (pre-revised) provided for doze per cent capital subsidy to SSI products, including tiny units, in institutional fund availed of by them to get...


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