COST-PER-CLICK Portfolio Templates PART ONE LAST 2013

 CPC Portfolio Templates COMPONENT A FINAL 2013 Essay

University of Nursing & Midwifery

Professional Stock portfolio

Part A

NSG3CPC – Clinical Practice Consolidation


Student Brand:

Trinh Thi To Nguyen (Katie)

Scholar No:


Due Date:

0900 Monday sixteenth September 2013

Campus/Clinical Institution:

Bundoora/ Austin tx Health

Search strategy

You need to clearly and accurately file the search strategy used to identify the literature for the literature identified simply A of the professional collection and the literature review partly B from the professional profile. If you are not sure of how to do this please assessment the links to resources inside the assessment portion of the LMS site.

Key phrases used:

Patient-centred care Holistic care Nurse education Healthcare models

Limitations used: (for example year/s, language, complete text etc . )

Data bases utilized:

Journal content summary (1)

Recent diary article (2009-2013) relevant to person-centred care that will contribute to the literature review in part B from the portfolio analysis task through this subject. This will NOT be one of the articles or blog posts used in the enquiry guide. (350 words)

Article quotation:

Manley, E., Hills, Val & Marriot, S. (2011). Person-centred attention: Principle of Nursing Practice D. Nursing jobs Standard. 25, 35-37. Retrieved from:

Type of content: (Quantitative research/Qualitative research/Literature review/case study and so forth ) Books Review

Sort of publication: (Journal impact component, peer review etc . ) Peer Assessment

Who are definitely the authors? (Affiliations, qualifications and so forth )

Kim Manley, previously leader, Quality, Standards and Innovation Unit; Learning & Development Commence, Royal School of Medical, London Alternativ Hills, Learning and creation adviser, Hoheitsvoll College of Nursing, Yorkshire and the Humber Sheila Marriot, regional director, RCN, East Midlands

What is the purpose of the content? (What question/problem are the experts trying to address? Hypotheses if relevant) This article is one of a nine- part series describing the Principles of Nursing Practice developed by the Royal College or university of Breastfeeding (RCN) in collaboration with patient and service agencies. This article talks about Principle Deb, the supply of person –centred care.

What data or facts do the author/s use to support the speculation or goal? (What kind of data – literature, case notes, qualitative and/or quantitative data and so forth ) The authors applied examples, case studies and previous principles to support their document

Outline the real key points recognized in the document.

Present about the provision of person-centred treatment which is essentially of nursing practice. The essential knowledge, abilities and techniques for working to give person-centred attention The importance of any shared beliefs which is the ways of person centred behaviour not only with patients, nevertheless also in the team. The roles of organisation in supporting towards the front line nursing team.

What a conclusion did the authors make?

The authors emphasises the centrality of the individual care linked to necessary skills from every single person of the nursing team. In the event that team members use the same way of the people, it will enhance the potential contribution of each affiliate to person centred proper care. Authors also mention regarding workplace culture where person-centred care values might be realized, reviewed and reflected in the relationship equally patients and staff. Rationale for choosing this information. Why is this kind of relevant to your literature assessment in Part N of the collection assessment task? In part N I need to evaluate a delegation situation about Ms Deborah and discover two facets of care for the patient. I am thinking about choosing the psychological maintain her stress which might be maintained this article. Because article mentioned quite clearly about how to approach sufferers, how to reveal decision...


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