Compare and Contrast the Ways

 Compare and Contrast many ways Essay

Compare the ways where the poet describes the break down if the relationship. Comment on the potency of their verse-craft

I chose to compare the poems: A wedding anniversary, by Vernon Scannel Termination, by Steve Tripp A Winters Story, by Deb. H. Lawrence

In the composition " An Anniversary” the poet identifies the relationship and it is breakdown because two leaves on a lake, this is and example of ‘Personification'. In contrast to this kind of poem in the poem " Dismissal” Tripp describes the breakdown greatly as it was, conveying two people in a dreary bar, this is an example of ‘Pathetic fallacy' as the setting is very boring and dark like the breakdown with the relationship. In " A Winters Tale” Lawrence works on the similar verse-craft to Scannel in " An Anniversary” with the relationship being described as a field although he even now uses people in the poem to describe those in the romantic relationship. Lawrence likewise uses ‘Pathetic Fallacy' when he describes a cold winter's time when the romantic relationship broke down.

In " An Anniversary” the poet person says:

" The sky's smeared monotone. ”

This means the skies was smeared with 1 colour, which may signify an unteresting colourless marriage. " Two willow leaves glide effortlessly on

The water's shimmering skin; ”

This is an example of ‘Enjambment'. It describes the leaves floating efficiently but in addition to each other. The application of enjambment below helps the rhythm of the poem proceed smoothly like the leaves gliding. It could indicate the two persons still taking place in life efficiently but not jointly. When he says " the water's twinkling skin” it gives the impression of being devious below and shiny on the top. This could present there is more to the romance than what people see in the beginning or that whenever the relationship was still being happening it could have appeared alright to everyone else watching but there are things taking place beneath the surface that were not alright. " Once, over a branch in the sun, they danced

And often touched each other;

They will not touch the other person again, ”

In the relationship this kind of signifies that they can were once happy jointly but now they are going to never become together once again. It could also mean that right from the start the relationship would never last as all leaves fall off their very own branch hence the relationship was doomed to failure.

The poet uses a lot of contrasts in this poem:

" The sky's smeared insipide. ”

" Once, on the branch in the sunshine, they danced”

This contrasts the happiness in the relationship prior to the breakdown towards the boring monotone they have among each other at this point. The poet person uses brilliant imagery all the way through the poem to describe the 2 leaves; this individual also uses " Personification” the way that he identifies the two leaves as persons. The sculpt of the poem changes as at the beginning when the poet can be describing the relationship now it is quite morose, as the two leaves are no longer jointly. At the end he's describing the partnership before the break down and the tone is quite completely happy. This is among the ‘Pathetic Fallacy' as the tone shows and complements what the poet is discussing. Some examples of " Alliteration” in the poem are: " stream slides”

" looks ….. slithering”

" sky's smeared”

" shimmering skin”

They are all T sounds, this kind of complements the flowing, smooth, gliding beat of the poem.

In the composition " Dismissal” the poet person describes the partnership breakdown similar to a story. In all of poem he uses " Enjambment” as well as the poem includes a very constant rhythm he also doesn't use rhyme or assanance which also adds to...


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