Organizational Tendencies Paper

 Organizational Tendencies Paper

De La Salle University

Graduate School of Business

Enderun Colleges, Incorporation.

In Partially Fulfillment in the Course Requirements in

Organizational Behavior and Processes


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December 18, 2012

We. Company Qualifications

a. Quest

" Enderun should graduate learners with the educational training, specialist competencies, and character required for success in today's complex universe, by offering international-caliber degree applications that incorporate management theory and working experience in a values-rich learning environment. ”

Enderun prides itself in not only assumptive training nevertheless they ensure that every single student in his/her field is equipped with useful training that may be immediately appropriate to this hospitality industry.

b. History/Background

Enderun Colleges, Inc. is a college or university that offers a four – year level course at International Hospitality Management and Business – with Dominant International Hospitality Management (Hotel Administration or perhaps Culinary Arts), Hotel Businesses and Cafe Management intended for IHM, while there are dominant in Business just like Business Operations, Entrepreneurship and Information Systems. Founded in 2005 with a group of people belonging both in the organization industry along with other industries such as Hospitality and Education, these kinds of founders wished to focus on and highlight about one's values, passion and interpersonal expertise – which they believe are crucial components in being a powerful career individual. They planned to establish an educational organization that not just bases their lessons by books and from their teachers but it was important to the founders which the students received opportunities so they can learn and experience practical know – how that may enable those to adapt to the ever – changing world of the Food Industry. It is also very important to the founders the students of Enderun Colleges end up being worldly and well – rounded people, having a comprehension of everything surrounding them, who can job and stay in any nation and environment in the world – and do well as the two hoteliers and entrepreneurs. Enderun works on a two – prong belief to mould and form their students to be frontrunners of their sectors: that a student must have skills learned through theoretical learning and through practical learning form quality experience.

" Enderun should graduate college students with the academic training, specialist competencies, and character required for success in the current complex globe... ”

Setting up bottom in Pasig from june 2006 until 2010, Enderun Educational institutions established the first two courses in Wynsum along Emerald Method – Motel Administration and Culinary Arts. Even while in a really limited campus, Enderun set up itself since advanced inside their facilities and skills, which in turn Enderun utilized to differentiate alone from other Hospitality schools and institutions. Aside from its features, Enderun prides itself with international affiliate marketers and partners such as L'ensemble des Roches in Switzerland and Spain and Allain Fete in France. By the year 2007, with around 2 hundred – three hundred students inside the Wynsum campus, Enderun was able to acquire and start building in McKinley Mountain in Fortification Bonifacio Taguig, for enlargement and advancement campus and facilities in order to reach competitive standards – not only nearby, but internationally. Finally, completely, all procedures and establishments were moved to the newly built Fortification campus, casing 3 new buildings – one pertaining to academic functions where classes were held, one particular building had been school management offices had been housed and third, the Culinary centre where every lab classes were held, the teaching Cafe was and the Function area was...

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