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Commandos: Beyond the Call of Responsibility Readme


Thank you for purchasing Commandos: Past the Call of Duty. These new missions are a stand alone product, you may play this even if you don't have the original video game Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines installed on your personal computer.

This readme provides additional gameplay and technical support information.

System Requirements:

•Windows 95/98

•DX6 and DXMEDIA set up

•225 MB of Harddrive Space

•P166 or better processor


•2MB SVGA card completely DX6 compatible


Commandos operates on TCP\IP LANs. It is not necessarily designed for immediate Internet enjoy. The exemption, Commandos will certainly operate on the Mplayer Net gaming services.

Commandos is going to run optimally if almost all Multiplayer systems are using P200+ processors.

Groupe: Beyond the Call of Obligation will not run on Windows NT and had not been designed to managed with Laptops.

Setup and Installation

To best prepare your system to operate the game, please follow treatment:

1 . Manage SCANDISK (Programs/Accessories) on your hard disk drive

2 . Manage DEFRAG (Programs/Accessories) on your hard disk

3. Operate a quality virus scanner on your own hard drive

four. Make sure that you include at least 200MB free on the harddrive that will contain the game files (the extra 75 MB is for the Win95 change file).

To install Commandos: Further than the Call of Duty on your hard drive: 1 . Place the Foule: Beyond the Call of Work CD within your CD-ROM drive. 2 . After a few seconds, the Autorun Menu will come in screen. Select the Install option. If this kind of menu does not appear, click the Start button, select Work and type D: \SETUP. EXE (where D is a letter of CD-ROM drive), and then just click OK. 3. The program can detect if you have accredited DirectX six drivers which will allow Cortege: Beyond the phone call of Obligation to run properly under all configurations. Your current drivers could possibly be updated as necessary. 4. The Commandos: Over and above the Call of Duty set up routine will likely then install the sport files to your hard drive. At the conclusion of the installation, you may be caused to Reboot your computer. five. Click the Play button on the Autorun Menu or choose Commandos: Further than the Call of Duty secret in the Eidos Interactive/Pyro Studios/ folder inside the Start Menu to begin the overall game.

Uninstalling Foule: Beyond the phone call of Responsibility

You should use the Commandos: Past the Call of Duty uninstall program, that exist in the Start Menu> Eidos Interactive> Pyro Studios> Cortege: Beyond the decision of Responsibility. Select the Start Menu, Program Files, Eidos Interactive, and Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty. Can make sure that almost all Windows linked fields will be removed. Also you can use the ADD/REMOVE Control Panel Applet to remove the game.

Copy Safety

To prevent piracy, Groupe has been duplicate protected against mass duplication. From this method, there is a probability (less than 1% of users) that during gameplay, the CD ROM may not be able to read the COMPACT DISK. The cause of this " usually" relates to a CD ROM drive that is listed below specification, a non-current timepiece, or is miscalibrated coming from heavy make use of.

If you should experience a problem looking over this CD, you should try this alternative. Open your THE CONTROL PANEL, then select SYSTEM, then simply choose FUNCTIONALITY, and then click on the FILE SYSTEM switch. Then select CD-ROM, and alter the Supplemental Cache Size for the CD travel to 470k (the 1 / 2 way indicate between small , large).

Features not listed in the Manual


1 . Quick Preserve Feature

When you use Profiles for different users conserve games take note that the " Quick Save" option can overwrite some other quick helps you to save previously of other users.


1 . Most Users Will need Game COMPACT DISC.

The First-person to login the hardware will be specified the HOST and Need to have the CD to move forward..

2 . Machine limitation intended for High Latency User (Ping)

When the user connects to the server, server will certainly ping end user, if ping is greater...


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