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MGF1010В MarkingВ andВ FeedbackВ SheetВ forВ EssayВ (AssignmentВ 1)В В StudentВ Name: В Section/Criteria


Introduction: В

TitleВ forВ essay. В IntroducesВ theВ topicВ inВ anВ interestingВ & В appropriateВ way. В DefinesВ theВ objectiveВ & В contentВ

ofВ theВ essay. В ProvidesВ aВ perspectiveВ onВ theВ issue. В


Body: В (DoВ notВ useВ thisВ wordВ asВ aВ subheading)В

MayВ includeВ aВ fewВ headingsВ forВ differentВ sectionsВ

andВ themes. В EachВ issueВ underВ investigationВ isВ

explainedВ specifically. В Arguments/viewpointsВ

supportedВ byВ evidenceВ fromВ referenceВ material, В

dataВ orВ examples. В LogicalВ progressionВ ofВ ideas. В

DemonstratesВ aВ highВ levelВ ofВ qualityВ researchВ intoВ

theВ topicВ utilisingВ theВ textbookВ plusВ 6В orВ moreВ

relevantВ sourcesВ ofВ goodВ qualityВ andВ variety. В

Conclusion: В

AllВ aspectsВ drawnВ togetherВ inВ aВ brief, В conciseВ

summary. В ConsistentВ withВ findings, В noВ newВ materialВ

introducedВ butВ mayВ finishВ withВ someВ implicationsВ orВ aВ commentВ onВ theВ futureВ ofВ theВ issue. В

Presentation: В

QualityВ ofВ expression, В grammar, В spelling, В

punctuationВ andВ proofreading. В В

FormatВ andВ layoutВ inВ professionalВ manner –В

includingВ assessmentВ coverВ sheet. В




Referencing: В В

UseВ ofВ author‐dateВ (APA)В referencingВ systemВ inВ aВ

consistentВ andВ correctВ mannerВ inВ theВ essayВ itself. В

InclusionВ ofВ anВ accurateВ referenceВ listВ onВ aВ separateВ pageВ listingВ onlyВ theВ sourcesВ thatВ haveВ actuallyВ beenВ utilized. В TheВ referenceВ listВ isВ arrangedВ В inВ alphabeticalВ orderВ accordingВ toВ theВ authors'В lastВ names. В


IDВ number: В

Marker: В


LessВ thanВ 50%В







HighВ distinctionВ В

80 ‐100%В

InadequateВ withВ noВ

introductionВ ofВ theВ topicВ

and/orВ noВ objectiveВ andВ

scopeВ forВ theВ essayВ stated. В

SomeВ introductionВ ofВ theВ

topicВ andВ someВ statementВ

ofВ theВ objectiveВ andВ scopeВ

butВ notВ wellВ expressed. В

MayВ notВ haveВ addressedВ

theВ issuesВ inВ relationВ toВ

theВ essayВ topicВ orВ theВ...


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