COM 425 Week 2 Assignment

 COM 425 Week two Assignment Essay


Coping with annoying co-workers

Edward Thompson Jr.

COM 425: Communication in Agencies

Professor Tamara Dorris

03 16, 2015

Dealing with Irritating Co-workers


In an great workplace environment, every employee would have an optimistic relation using his or her guy coworkers. However , in the real life workers people and traits often collide with one another. The result is workers with less than sufficient or annoying work behaviors. The most common bothersome types are the speakerphone mate, the interrupter, the grump, know-it-all, the slacker, and the blabbermouth. People have encountered by least 1 if not every of these irritations in the workplace. 55 how to properly deal with these kinds of co-workers without creating a unfavorable and or not comfortable work climate. This daily news will determine one of these irritations, how to properly deal with the situation.

One such colliege would be the interrupter personality. The content states " The interrupter. Whenever you will be talking having a coworker, your husband finds a way to butt in. She answers your questions to other people therefore you can't possess a private conversation without her ending up in it” (Green, 2011). Sadly, in the army I encounter this type of member of staff at every work station My spouse and i report. I was in the process of training my replacement unit before My spouse and i moved on into a new post and bringing out them to the civilian division heads we regularly worked with. At almost every chance, they disrupted the civilian and remarked, " Which is not the way we all did it inside my last post”. I attempted to inform the person that these civilians had performed there for several years and if the lady wanted, nearly anything accomplished your woman had to do it their way or it would not be performed. When I referred to as back three months later, I came across out the new person was relieved of obligation. In the article, it states, " There is only one method to make that stop, and that's to address this head-on. When this occurs, say something such as, " Truly, I really wanted to get Jane's input with this. Would you provide us with a minute? ” If your woman does not back away, say that again " Thanks. Actually, I really need to talk to Jane about it. ” Say this nicely, nevertheless be company. ” (Green, 2011, p. 1). This might be true nevertheless; this method does not work in every condition. I chose to deal with the matter in an informal method as the coworker and i also were of the same rank. Due to informal approach in which I relayed the knowledge, the colliege may have been much less inclined to heed my personal warning. In conclusion, In the future, should such situation occurs, I may try to use formal lateral communication to get my personal point across. As stated in the textual content " Horizontal communication is vital for promoting coordination, problem solver, and social support among co workers. Individuals on a single operational degree of organizations share many goals and activities, so they can offer each other with important information into prevalent challenges present in their work” (Kreps, 2011 p. 1 . 5). Probably the recipient of the info will pay attention to the guidance I was giving them.


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