Childhood Obesity

 Childhood Overweight Essay

" Childhood Obesity” Does the Mass media Play a huge Role?

Charlotte now Sandstrom

Ashford University


ENG 122

Instructor Dr . Marsha Beckwith-Howard

The nature of childhood obesity is growing quickly since twenty years ago. Folks are finding more and more children at risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes considering that the media features focused on children eating even more sugar and fast food inside their diets. Yet , media is definitely sending subconsciente messages to kids through commercial and tricking these to convince father and mother to buy negative junk food. Consequently , Parents need to regulate simply how much television and fatty foodstuff their children observe and eat. Since children are watching a lot of television and not exercising; they can be being tricked to eat detrimental and become obese. " Lowering food advertising to kids has been proposed as one means for addressing a global crisis of childhood overweight, but significant social, legal, financial, and public notion barriers wait in the way. The scientific literature documents that food advertising to kids is (a) massive; (b) expanding in number of sites (product positionings, video games, the Internet, cell phones, and so forth ); (c) composed almost entirely of messages for nutrient-poor, calorie-dense foods; (d) having harmful effects; and (e) progressively global and so difficult to regulate by specific countries. ” (Harris, 2009) Fast food chains are sending subliminal text messages in ads and free online games intended for kids to eat their food and convince the children's parents to buy that for them. Therefore , the media needs to drive more moreattract boundaries on how much taking they can do to our children these days. There should be laws against letting the media send messages through commercials and gaming to allow them to have an opportunity as adults to be healthy and balanced. Another way the businesses trick our children is through food hair dresser. The companies hire food hair dresser to make all their food and burgers look perfect and mouth watering on tv. " It isn't too difficult to make a mouth-watering burger at home. Although could you generate it seem delicious also after it sits all night under bright lights within a photo studio? ” (PBS, 2004) Therefore , the stylist's uses art glue, paint brushes, and water-proof spray for the buns not to get soggy. They may have over 75 buns and 2 number of of tomato plants and a couple of heads of lettuce for their shooting treatment. When they do this it is just like taking a version and airbrushing her on the final photo, it is imitation. There are so many secrets of the pros out there that is brainwashing our nation. Research shows that what we should view with our minds and eyes are much more powerful than we understand. Marketers want one to automatically associate their food with feeling great. That they link their very own brands to basic individual motivations-like successes so they can boost sales. The media is very devious, " Almost every company selling a great or assistance uses some form of advertising. Advertising is " impersonal”, visible mass interaction about a product or business that is paid for by marketers” (Lamb, Heair, McDaniel, 2000), they recognize how we understand things. Our televisions are not doing good intended for our children, it is hurting these people. The multimedia uses a myriad of subliminal communications, " This type of advertising uses subliminal stimuli, messages presented so quickly or so softly or so obscured by various other messages that you is unaware of " seeing” or perhaps " hearing” them (Hawkins, Best, Carey, 1995), they put in energy levels that are so low which means your mind will take it in without knowing. The media determined how to do this from older rock songs that if you enjoyed them back you hear a concealed message. Take for instance, marketers spending athletes to enjoy Lay's french fries and fast food places and you will look like these people. Another example would be Supplement Water, it claims as a healthier drink than soda, but it is merely sugar water and it might take a person forty situps to acquire...

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