CHCCHILD404B - Support the rights and protection of children and young people

 CHCCHILD404B -- Support the rights and safety of kids and teenagers Essay

Case study

1 ) Paula may feel the girl with stupid, worthless and alone. Paula might feel like working away to escape what she's going through mainly because she feels no one is aware of what the girl with going through or perhaps that no one will believe that her history. Paula might feel sometimes killing herself is another way out. She is almost certainly scared what her dad would do to her in the event that she informed someone or perhaps what everyone else would think of her. Paula more than likely thinks it her fault, nobody will consider her, no one will figure out, she think all alone and she just wants to seem like a normal adolescent. 

installment payments on your - Self- destructive behavior e. g. drug dependency, suicide tries and self- mutilation. Anorexic or over- eating

Sexual knowledge or behaviour improper for the child's grow older Bruising or bleeding in genital area

Bruising for the breasts, bottom, lower stomach or thighs

Adolescent being pregnant

Persistent running away from home

¾. -- use a calm, reassuring words

Give support to the child by demonstrating that you consider their tale Provide comfort, verbally and agreed suitable physical contact Do not share negative ideas such as reasoning, doubt or shock Boost the comfort

Be professional as possible

Be sure to let them talk by their own tempo, no distractions, silence

Make notes that are relevant to the specific situation

Tell the kid it's not really their wrong doing and they did the right thing by notify someone Let them know it is never okay for adult surfers to harm children

Make sure they know what happens at this point

Inform folks who can help assist the child

Tell them it's alright to be worried about what will happen 

5. Paula may become pregnant, she may well run away at home, she may possibly harm their self or attempt to commit committing suicide, Paula risk turning to alcoholic beverages and or medications, Abuse may to her to hurting her father or other people and she may also turn to abuse later in life is to do it to someone else. 

6. a) – find a private spot to talk

- Tell Ould - it's ok and none of this can be her problem

- permit Anna...


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