Mobile Phone

 Essay on Mobile Phone


1)sense of security

2)always become the teen's fashion

3)can use to play when we feel bore

4)makes closer when we r away(easy to acquire touch with this family) 5)we have fun there(by taking snaps, videos once there is a function) 6)calendar


8)can do calculation

9)it isPortable



2)Some of them are thinner and easily damaged.

3)may cause muddiness inlearning or perhaps when we are at work

4)spend less time with this family(by discussing through that always) 5)may get damaged easily simply by water

6)signals(tower) is probably not avail obviously at times

precisely what are the merits and demerits of employing cellphone?

pls let me know?

what are the merits and demerits of using mobile phone?

pls tell me?


1 ) cell phone is important to every individuals living in the world bcoz very easily contact which will ur adored person surviving in any part of the world with in one sec & reveal ur feeelings, happiness, sorrows & unforgotable momories and so forth 2 . it is very useful for learners bcoz cellular phone have that GPRS connection for quickly clarify all their doduts applying internet, to find out the place in critical scenario using maps. 3. cellular phone also plat a important role in crisis situtation to call a ambulance (108)toll free number. 4. if perhaps u are likely to a new place at the time u miss ur travel handbag or something. U will complain the authorities at the time law enforcement officials ask u the questin plz inform ur mobile phone no, merely got. items inform u. 5. cellular phone is aTIME & ECONOMICAL electronic items......... 6. all of u viewed lot of motion pictures it is useful to find out the thiefs by simply tracing all their mob em.

i may really know the meaning of merit and demerit. but also in my physical education and filipino school, my teacher calls the plus points value and the without points demerit. i thought maybe just the same while advantage and disadvantage which is merit and demerit correspondingly.

i'm simply not sure although if this is what you mean


-for connecting to people where ever you are

-for quicker communicating rather than snailmails

-more convinient to hold than a telephone

-could be used for tking pictures and videos

-handy for events


-affects examine habits since taxting takes up more time than studying -affects the budget as texting too much can be expensive too -getting post office buildings ignored

Merits - Cellular, Keep in touch most, safety (both personal and if you run out of gas or the car breaks down), GPS bringing in case you get lost or perhaps someone has to find you.

Demerits - Price, could possibly cause cancer (There is no distinct either way with this yet), Persons can get in touch with you where-ever and when.

I am sure there might be a couple even more but those are the ones I see as being up at the pinnacle.

Conflicting reviews about the health risks of mobile phones appeared in the late 1990s

Given the immense numbers of mobile users, even little adverse effects upon health could have major public well-being implications

In 2000, the Stewart Record found simply no known health issues caused by cellphones, but suggested caution especially among the youthful, until even more research was carried out. Another report in 2004 reinforced this up

ВЈ7. 4 mil has now recently been invested in technological research to review the effects of cell phones

Are cellphones dangerous?

The airwaves waves radiated by mobiles can heat body tissue, having destroying effects A radio station waves are generally not powerful enough to cause heat problems for the body

Magnetic domains created simply by mobile phones can impact the way that your body cells work The magnetic fields are incredibly small , and so improbable to have an effect on cells inside our body

People who make long mobile phone calls sometimes complain of fatigue, headaches, and loss in concentration The same results have never recently been reported in laboratory circumstances and may end up being due to elements in modern lifestyles

Mobile phone users are installment payments on your 5 times very likely to develop cancers in parts of the brain next to...


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