Case Evaluation (Tuesdays with Morrie)

 Case Research Tuesdays with Morrie Composition

Ibrahim, Annissa M.


Soc. 01. one particular


I. Synopsis

Morrie was Mitch's favourite educator. He was identified as having amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or perhaps ALS. One particular night, Mitch saw and recognized his old professor in a tv program. He all of a sudden remembered the promise selection with his instructor, so this individual called him to set up a visit. Mitch began browsing Morrie just about every Tuesday and every time they meet Morrie taught Mitch lessons about life. The illness gradually overcome Morrie because days pass by and during their last conference, Morrie was nearing fatality. Morrie and Mitch hugged for the last period, and as they did Morrie noticed that Mitch is finally crying and moping. Morrie died simply and peacefully together with his family around one Saturday morning.

II. Character Description

Morrie is a former sociology professor who is compassionate, free-willed, and brilliant. He is affected by a disease known as ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) which stops him via doing what he really loves most, dance. Mitch is usually journalist who may be living an extremely fast paced existence and succumbs himself in work that it eats him. Following reuniting together with his old professor, he finally discovered the meaning of his life.

3. Answers to case concerns and requisites


a. Morrie's father brought him to a manufacturing plant to job and on that day this individual realized that he has bronchial asthma. So he vowed that he will hardly ever do work that used people and so this individual became a teacher with the help of his stepmother. b. Mitch's visit with Morrie. It trained him the right way to pause for a while and rediscover the meaning of his life. c. Mitch after college graduation who strengthen his desire as a pianist and became a newspaper news reporter.


a. Mitch taking interviews

m. Mitch like a journalist

c. Mitch being a sports writer and a sweetheart to Janine

g. Mitch who has a lot of deadlines


a. The situation of Mitch Albom, having been a journalist, a sweetheart, a taxpayer, a son, an employer, a student but the majority of...


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