California High Speed Train

 California High Speed Rail Essay

Washington dc High Speed Railroad

Michael Kimbrell

English one particular

Ms. Irwin

August twenty-one, 2011

California High-speed Rail

Taking a look at the California high speed rail project truly has stunned the public and makes them wonder if this is a fantastic plan for California's environment. " The current program will hook up San Francisco with Los Angeles trimming a six hour car ride into two several hours and 40 minutes”(Souza, 2011). The coach running through Kings State will take away many dairies and cut even more in half. Making these kinds of cuts will be hard intended for dairymen to access their plants or nourish their pets or animals. Building the rail is known as a bad idea due to the fact; funds will be taken from schools, it is going to devastate the continuing future of California's farming industry, furthermore it will not develop long term stable jobs to improve the economy. Cal Schools

How could broke Washington dc have money to pay for this kind of big elegant high speed railroad when schools are getting minimize? " The state is looking to slice $ 1 ) 9 billion dollars in additional cuts and $1. a few billion simply by reducing the college year” (Dias, 2011). Washington dc has always been good and pressed for better education and after this the government wants to take that away for luxury products. Student's school tuitions have gone up twenty percent in the last two years and they still face significant cut backs that hurt them. The education department provides taken a lot of hit over the last two years that there will be practically nothing left. Way forward for California's Culture Industry

Current government leaders are only taking into consideration the current time period and not the ongoing future of the cultivation. California keeps the world's largest farming show which in turn brings in millions of dollars to this location. When this train is made four 1, 000 acres of California's farm building land will probably be lost. " The rail would place many maqui berry farmers out of business because it took many years of hard work being successful” (Snidever, 2011). California produces crops that nourish people around the world. Destroying land that provides...

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