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1 . Discuss how a environment works does as a stimulant to business. Examine why business often truly does little for the preservation of physical environment while it is significant for business activity. 2 . Explain the relevance of ecological issues to organization environment several. What do you comprehend by Organization Social Responsibility ( W S 3rd there�s r ). Just how this can be used to improve the Business Environment. 4. Explain how a business in an organization may be regulated to find the Organization's Basic Targets. 5. Describe in detail the different role enjoyed by the Government towards six. In the Business Environment context, clarify how the Personal and legal Environment of business plays a vital role. Warrant by developing suitable cases 7. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of FDI. What is your opinion around the role of FDI in the Retail Sector? Justify the views with India's knowledge in this sector. (20)



help. The organizers did not possess a

hint. They wanted to make a quickly buck.


1) Exactly what are some of the points that could get it wrong, or have incorrect at comparable events? 2) List three ways in which the planners were at fault?

3) List three ways where the event could have been improved? 4) This event was described to the authorities being a cultural event. Do you think this belongs because category?



1) Exactly what are the some of the Safety risk associated with this? 2) That is responsible for the protection of the location and the viewers? 3) With whom when you discuss the potential risks associated with the event concept? 4) How do the risks always be reduced?



1) Can the sponsor's involvement lead to several benefit intended for the organization with regards to increased profile or increased sales?

2) What other benefits exist?

3) Could it be time-consuming for staff?

4) Define the definition of sponsorship in brief.



1) Who will result in security (probably more than one body)? 2) Exactly what some of the potential security problems?

3) What are the occupational health and protection issue?

4) What methods can be taken up prevent securities incident?

5) What plans should be in position should an incident happen?


1 . Examine a mega Event you have enjoyed and chart the actual pre, during and post-event activities. As well study in more detail the Planning, Organising, Staffing, Leading and Handling functions mixed up in effort.

2 . Select a Family event and study the costing elements involved in organising it. Break up the costs into relevant types, analyze the amount flow, make a note of in detail the negotiations with suppliers and finally carry out a variance examination of the actual cost vis-à-vis the budget.

a few. Redesign the above mentioned event in a commercial thought and look in it from an event organiser's perspective. Execute the pricing based on the clientele that you just intend to catch the attention of, the target target audience and how you wish to attract all of them, whether the event would be a completely ticketed or perhaps invited display, what might the audience size be, and then, how much perimeter would you like to maintain.

4. Look up today's newspaper and discover any five events that interest you. Carry out a research for finding the actual following info: a) Who have are the event organizers?

b) For whom are the incidents being organized we. e. whom are the function organizer's clients? c) Whom are the potential audience for each celebration?

d) What is the event facilities involved?

e) Where are the events becoming held i. e. determine the locations. Also review why these kinds of specific sites were chosen? f) What is the networking mix around the media front side?

g) Examine and list down as many causes that you can identify as to why the clients are using events?

5. A tyre producer...


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