Banker Challenge in User's Expectation

 Essay about Banker Problem in User’s Expectation


1 . Introduction2

1 . 1 Origin3

1 . a couple of Purpose3

1 . 3 Limitation3

2 . Bank Challenge in Customer's Expectation4

2 . you Introduction5

installment payments on your 2 Expectation5

2 . 3 Customer Expectation5

2 . some Customer Satisfaction6

2 . your five Importance of Client Satisfaction6

installment payments on your 6 The Importance of Excellent Consumer Service15

2 . 7 Perspective of Client Expectation in Bank6

installment payments on your 7. you Channel Amplification7

installment payments on your 7. 1 . 1 Better Communication – increase income potential7 installment payments on your 7. 1 ) 2 Better Mobility – increase competitive agility7 installment payments on your 7. 1 . 3 Better Customer Perception - find new opportunities7 2 . six. 2 Assistance Accessibility8

2 . 7. installment payments on your 1 Convenience in the Maturing World9

installment payments on your 7. 2 . 2 Push on Banks9

2 . six. 3 Consumer Serviceability9

2 . 7. three or more. 1 Inspiration on Banks9

2 . six. 4. you Impetus on Banks11

2 . 7. 5. Simplified Banking11

2 . six. 5. one particular Impetus in Banks12

a few. Findings & Conclusion13

3. 1 Studies of the report14

3. 2 Final Ranking15

3. 3 Conclusion16

Chapter 1



1 . 1 Source

This survey is done intended for our ethical teacher Priyabrata Chowdhury since requirement of completing Marketing Supervision Course (EM702) as a part of EMBA program in BUP during program of 2010-11. This was a group effort. The group includes 3 users; they are Md. Mozammel Haque Bhuiyan, Hossain Md. Seratus tahun and Adward Sapon Dhaki.

1 . two Purpose

• To study the customer expectation in banking sector for customer satisfaction • To make rank the consumer expectation in banking sector based on banker's perception.

1 . 3 Limitation

• It was generally difficult to correlate theory with practice while the customer expectation in banking sector. • Due to the info analysis of various person. So it always numerous person to person. • Corporate executives usually remain very active. It is difficult to get enough time from them. More importantly, at times they indicated once, that was embarrassing pertaining to the authors. • The fundamental limitation from the study was time bindings and the amounts of the statement ask alone. • As a result of collect data from diverse bank like Commercial, Privet, Foreign Privet bank. Therefore it always numerous banker's thought about the customer expectation. • We collect information on foundation bank which is situated in Dhaka city. And so not possible the complete situation from the whole Bangladesh or the world customer requirement in financial sector. Beyond all these we expect the best is completed here as much as we are matter.

Chapter 2


Company Challenge in Customer's Requirement

2 . 1 Introduction

This can be the era of Globalization. Every single business sector in this world became more challenging. Financial sector is likewise a good organization sector in this world. During previous decade possibly in Bangladesh this sector became saturated though even more new Banking institutions have approved to execute their organization in Bangladesh. In this condition to support in this sector and obtain profit just about every Bank need to ensure their best service to the client. They have to know the customer requirement and the transform of buyer choice while using course of time. Few years ago this was monopoly sector for the government nevertheless many privet and overseas banks are conducting all their business and are holding their leading location. Now absolutely free themes are very clever as they are presented with the modern tools of Financial. They have lots of expectation to their Bank and since they can evaluate the assistance of a particular Bank to Banks.

Considering this factor Banks are more treatment full and conscious about customer requirement to acquire customer satisfaction. Through this report we tried to get the customer expectations from the Lenders perspective.

installment payments on your 2 Expectation

ExpectationВ is what is considered the most likely...


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