AUFGABE assignment

 AMT task Essay



Your group has to select a product. Make sure you write and discuss the detail of manufacturing processes that might include: a. Available Tech/advanced technology used/comparison

b. Flow Charts

Represents are given based on:

a. presentation 10%

w. format 10%

c. articles 10%

Demonstration will be saved in week 10 and slide/report has to be published before week14

Content of report:

1 ) Title and group people

2 . Intro

3. Detail processes and technology

4. Conclusion

a few. References


Create a technical paper entitled ‘Review of Current Trend Manufacturing Processes and Technology in Manufacturing Industry”. The format of the paper should certainly follow the standard diary papers. All references should be from article/journal papers only. Write not more than 10 webpages excluding the article(s).

The format of the daily news should comply with attached design. All references should be by article/journal paperwork only. Please submit the hardcopy and softcopy prior to week almost eight.

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Architectural

Faculty of Engineering



Lecturer: Professor Doctor Shamsuddin M. Sulaiman


Design for Newspaper




With this paper, that describes the formatting recommendations for EMM5706 Assignment 1 . Please the actual guidelines below. Your daily news should have not more than xx internet pages. Submit upon week twenty 2010


The template is for the assignment purposes only. You should follow the basic guideline. In essence, we request you to make your newspaper look exactly like this record. The easiest way to try this is simply down-load the template and replace this content with your own material.


All materials on each page should fit within a rectangular shape of 18 x twenty-three. 5 centimeter (7" times 9. 25" ), dedicated to the web page, beginning...

Sources: should be of reputable resources such as Firm reports, NGOs reports, log and other journals. DO NOT OFFER from WIKIPEDIA etc…!


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