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Person Assignment you: The Marketing Environment

Nokia used to be the market innovator in the mobile phone industry. What environmental elements do you think damaged the viability of Nokia?

Nokia used to be the market leader inside the mobile phone industry. Its Symbian Series sixty was one of many smart phone innovators. However after the introduction of Apple's iPhone, Samsung's Galaxy S series and the surge of the smartphone market, Nokia's market share was eroded. Various environmental elements caused Nokia to lose where it stands as industry leader. These environmental factors can be subdivided into mini and macro factors just like Suppliers, Competitors, Publics and Technology.

Before collaborating with Microsoft, Nokia used the Symbian platform for their smart phones. Symbian however , is not developer friendly. " Nokia has had a lot of versions with the Symbian and development environments that applications created for some devices typically don't work with another. It's a fragmentation difficulty. ”(Ganapati, 2010) Moreover, Apple and Android os platforms to get smart phones possess a larger industry size in comparison with Symbian. This means that apps developers gain more from developing applications for Apple and Android os platforms. Therefore , not only happen to be Apple and Android capable of attract a higher quantity yet also a larger pool of highly skilled programmers. This results in lower quantity and top quality of programs produced intended for Nokia smart phones. Thus, the possible lack of support from suppliers injure their product sales.

Nokia faced stiff competition from Apple and Samsung korea. Apple's i phone redefined to the wise phone whilst Samsung's Galaxy S series was Android's most good smart phone. Nokia was gradual to respond to its opponents. This slow response caused Nokia to shed out to it is competitors. " Apple and Samsung were quickly producing their mark in the industry, in addition, it meant that these people were inducing the type of drawing effect that just plucked out a large number of fans via Nokia. ”(Hassan, 2012) Therefore, Nokia misplaced market share while consumers turned to the strong competitors.

General public view of Nokia has been dropping. Nokia is associated with the aged brick cellphone and snake game without any other amazing breakthroughs. This gave the idea that having a Nokia phone is no longer hip or perhaps cool. That did not support that the type of new Nokia phones remained unfashionable. " Reasons can be its design and style, which wasn't as desirable as Korean phones or maybe the iPhone. Today the sale of phones relies on how gleaming or trendy it looks. ” (" 3 reasons why Nokia failed”, 2012) In addition , the reviews of Nokia mobile phones have not recently been as wonderful. This was due to the ineffective user encounter due to the mobile phone lag or perhaps unresponsive touchscreen display. " Nokia's user encounter was sporadic, unforgiving and hostile. ” (Orlowski, 2011) Hence, the public opinion affected Nokia's product sales negatively.

Nokia failed to keep up with changing technology. The Symbian platform was outdated when compared with Android and iOS. There were basic issues that were not fixed. Nokia was slow to innovate in both hardware and software. " Nokia's phones were considered uncompetitive in the marketplace, because new products coming from Apple and Android got raised the line for simplicity of use, particularly for fresh data applications. ” (Orlowski, 2011) Furthermore, Nokia did not keep up with current trend to appeal towards the general public's taste. These kinds of failures to maintain its competition resulted in Nokia losing out.

(2) While consumers become more health conscious, what can you as a soft drinks drink company do to expand market share? Cite real-life examples of soda drink corporations who have tailored their ways to address this concern.

To gain more business of beverages consumed as consumers be health conscious, I am able to engage in market penetration, product development and diversification.

I can increase my market share in soda pop drinks through market transmission, even as...

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