Artistic Gymnastics

 Artistic Gymnastics Essay

Artistic Gymnastics

My favourite sport is imaginative gymnastics. This kind of sport includes 4 exercises: Vault, Unequal Bars, Harmony Beam and Floor Work out. To do gymnastics you need a consistent, gymnastic sneakers and grips for the uneven bars.


As of this discipline the gymnast sprints down a runway after which he or she jumps onto a springboard which in turn propels the sporter in the air onto a vault. That's usually a vaulting table which is 1 meters long and 1 meters wide. Now the gymnast does for example a flic-flac, a handspring, or a salto above the vaulting table.

Unequal bars:

For the uneven bars the gymnast performs upon two pubs on diverse levels. They might change among this two bars with flying components. The gymnast does swinging, circling or perhaps moves that pass through the handstand. The low bar is generally 160 centimeter and the upper bar 240 cm large.

Balance Light beam:

The gymnast performs advances, acrobatic skills, dance components and turns. The light beam is by 120 cm to 125 cm excessive, 5 meters long and just 10 centimeter wide. For this discipline the gymnast requirements balance, versatility and power.

Floor Work out:

At this function the gymnast performs a choreographed work out from 70 to 85 seconds along with music. The gymnast does flic-flacs, saltos, round-offs, combinations of jumps and other things like this kind of.

My favourite procedures are uneven bars and floor work out. Probably you think that artsy gymnastics is very easy and definitely not interesting. Although it's a very hard sport and you simply need flexibility and very very much strength. To show you that I have some physical exercises from my personal training:


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