Animals at risk

 Animals at risk Essay

List Of Pets or animals In Danger

Addax| African Elephant

African Lion| American Marten

Animals In Danger| Arabian Oryx

Asian Otter| Bald Eagle

Black Rhinoceros| Blue & Yellow Macaw

Bottlenose Dolphin| Brazilian Tapir

Bridled Nailtail Wallaby| Brown Grizzly Endure

California Condor| Cassowary

Cheetah| Commersons Dolphin

Corncrake| Dalmatia Pelican

Dugong| Eastern Cougar

Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake| Western Otter

Fresh Water Crocodile| Galapagos Tortoise

Big Anteater| Huge Panda

Glowing Lion Tamarin| Gorilla

Superb White Shark| Greater Bilby

Green Turtle| Grey Seal off

Grey Wolf| Humpback Whale

Indian Elephant| Leatherback Turtle

Mallee Fowl| Manatee

Mountain Zebra| Northern Leopard Frog

Orangutan| Pardel Lynx

Peary Caribou| Polar Bear

Pronghorn Antelope| Pygmy Hippopotamus

Red Panda| Marine Otter

Siberian Tiger| Snow-leopard

Southern Proper Whale| Spectacled Bear

Seen Tree Frog| Spur Thighed Tortoise

Outstanding Sea Lion| Three Feet Sloth

Walrus| Wandering Albatross

White Tailed Sea Eagle| Whooping Crane


| В

American Stands out as the

5. American crocodiles are about 12 feet long. They live on terrain and in low water, swamps, and marshes. * American crocodiles want to float inside the water with only all their eyes and nose above the surface. * American crocodiles eat generally small family pets, which they pick up with their solid jaws and razor-sharp tooth. * American crocodiles put eggs. That they hide their eggs below twigs and leaves, or perhaps bury them in the crushed stone. * A lot of crocodiles help their fresh hatch, after that carry those to the water in their mouth.


Southern Florida, Mexico, Central and South America, Caribbean islandsВ

Why It's Endangered

Overhunted because of its hide

Home destruction

Dreary Bat

* Greyish bats just weigh up to half an ounce. Their very own wings measure about 1 ) 5 inches wide across. 5. Gray bats live inВ colonies, or groups, in souterrain. The caves are usually found near a river or lake. 2. During the day, dreary bats sleeping. At night, they will eat up to at least one, 000 insects or additional pests in a single hour. 5. Gray bats hang upsidedown to help break down their foodstuff.

* Gray batsВ hibernate, or perhaps sleep, inside the cold cold months. * There are about 2 million bats, but their amounts are shrinking. Almost all dreary bats hibernate in one of nine caves.


Many gray bats live in grotte in The state of alabama, northern Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tn. В

Why endangered? В

Loss of home

Use of insect sprays to destroy the bugs they eatВ

Peninsular Bighorn Sheep

* Bighorn sheep may weigh just as much as 280 pounds and stand about a few feet extra tall. * They will live in dry, desert huge batch ranges, near rocky coves. * Bighorn sheep take in grasses, twigs, and leaves.

5. Male lamb are called rams and can be identified by their enormous, brown horns. The sides curl go back over the hearing, down, or more past the face. * They live inВ herds, or teams. The male lamb with the biggest horns is generally in charge. Male horns can weigh as much as 30 pounds. * Guys will use all their massive sides to combat. The combats can last provided that 24 hours. * Females these are known as ewes. They can be smaller than rams and have short, smaller horns.


The state of nevada and California to western Texas and south into Mexico

Why It's Endangered

Loss of an environment


Drought and diseaseВ

California Condor

5. Condors set for life and breed when every 2 years, producing just one egg. 2. Condors roost, or sleeping, in significant groups. That they " talk" to each other with hisses, growls, grunts, and body language. 2. From idea to hint, their wings can stretch out up to on the lookout for feet.

* Rather than flapping their particular wings, condors soar about wind power. * Condors are scavengers, which means that they eat family pets that are previously dead. Nonetheless they don't count on their sense of smell. They watch out for...


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