A Midsummer Night's Dream

 A Midsummer Night’s Fantasy Essay


Crystin Meeks

Mr. Kelley

English 102

3 April. 2013

Theseus: the Duke of Athens

In A MidsummerNight's Desire by William Shakespeare, Theseus is definitely the duke of Athens. Theseus is perceived as a wise ruler. He has defeated Hippolyta's land. He's madly crazy about Hippolyta. Just lately, they become involved. The perform is concentrated around their wedding. Shakespeare uses Theseus to show the difference between an ideal ruler and a leader who lacks power and does not have the ability to appreciate love. Distinct critical behaviour are seen by simply Theseus. Theseus is described as a reasonable man who have restores so that it will nature. Relating to Rhodes, people watch Theseus " as a representative of reason and of rational like as opposed to the chaos and illogical love of other Athenian lovers. ” (Rhoads 1) Theseus can be affected by his inability to understand. He fails to be a representative of a good govt. Theseus also fails to fully grasp the concept of like. These limits are made crystal clear through the activities towards the youthful Athenian addicts. Theseus by no means understands the desire in his individuals.

The fairy godmothers in the enjoy prove to have an overabundance power than Theseus. The play takes place primarily inside the woods. Theseus finds himself watching even more rather than engaging. Rhoads communicates " in a bad neighborhood outside of Athens where the tooth faries preside is often associated by critics with all the irrationality and inconstancy of love. ” (Rhoads 2) The fairies conclude sorting out the lovers which in turn Theseus cannot do. Order is restored through the fairies.

Theseus is considered to be the most powerful character in the play. Theseus is considered to be a stern, heartless, and cruel character in the early area of the play. This individual gives Hermia the choice of getting married to Demetrius, death, or turn into a nun. Near the end of the play Theseus gives into Hermia's desires by enabling her and Lysander to get married. The article shows how Theseus view of love suits within the...

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