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Section 1 Odette Room 108

Mondays and Wednesdays 1: 00-2: 20 s. m.


Dr . Talal Al-Hayale

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T/TR: 1: 30-2: 30 evening,

and by appointment


[email protected] florida


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Course Explanation

An complex review of this sort of matters since definitions of subsidiaries, affiliates, and joint ventures; equity accounting; ommissions from consolidations; and the preparing, presentation, and analysis of consolidated harmony sheets and income assertions.

Course Objectives

When you have completed this course, it will be possible to:

Explain the reasons for and types of corporate expansion.

Clarify the cost and equity methods of accounting for investments in common stock of another organization. Prepare a consolidated balance sheet rigtht after the purchase of full and partial title. Explain the result of the cost compared to equity in preparing the consolidation. Demonstrate effects of inter-company sales of land and depreciable resources on consolidated financial claims. Prepare dedication and syndication of excessive schedules for 2 100% investments at alternative prices. Prepare journal records to are the cause of contracts which have been denominated in foreign currency. Make clear the effects of exchange rate changes and frontward exchange agreements on accounting for importance and foreign trade transactions. Convert foreign currency economical statements into the reporting forex of a Canadian company and remeasure the books of record to a company's efficient currency. Recognize issues related to the prep of financial assertions for not-for- profit agencies and Open public Sector entities

BCOMM Assurance of Learning (AoL) Course Learning Objectives Every Odette Software has learning goals and learning results. Together, these types of define the knowledge, skills and values owned by our graduates. Rubrics for each system learning target are available for the Odette School of Business Course Plans document on the CLEW web page for this program. This course contributes to the following BCOMM learning desired goals through the study course learning goals.

For 70-457 the following learning objectives are taught and tested:

BCOMM Learning Desired goals

04-70-457 Program Learning Objectives

Tested using

1: Essential thinking abilities

Students determine the appropriate approaches to achieve the desired outcome.

Students develop conclusions/recommendations that follow through the data evaluation. Exams, group projects

2: Find solutions to problems skills

Learners select and apply appropriate data examination techniques.

Group project,


3: Interaction skills

Learners present specialist business information in created form. Learners present specialist business information in dental form. Pupils formulate rendering plans.

Pupils develop successful communication expertise.

Group assignments

4. Teamwork and management skills

Students demonstrate command skills.

College students demonstrate team-work skills.

College students analyze an ethical issue and develop

sensible recommendations and solutions.

Group projects

Study course Pre-requisite: 70-352 – Accounting Theory III

It is the responsibility to withdraw out of this course throughout the two week add/drop period when you have NOT efficiently passed the pre-requisite program. Failure to withdraw will mean your computerized withdrawal by the Registrar's Office at any time throughout the term. NOTICE: The student is responsible for fees and tuition incurred for the course before the withdrawal date.

Textbook and also other Materials

Modern Advanced Accounting in Canada with Connect Get Card Edition: 7

Copyright laws: 2013

Murray Hilton and Darrell Herauf

1259066487 / 9781259066481

Available at the bookstore.

Training course Website

The course website is located in the class notes section of the...


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