6 Nutrition Notes

 6 Nutrients Notes Dissertation

Health Related

Body Composition

Physical Strength



Muscle Endurance

Skill Related



Reaction Time




Maximum Heart Rate

220 -- Age

PE Vocabulary Chapter 4

Nutrition: substances in food that your body requires for strength, proper development, body maintenance, and performing. Nutrition: the study of food and just how your body uses the substances in meals, eating habits and exactly how they affect your health position Culture: the shared persuits, traditions, and beliefs of a particular group Carbohydrates: the starches and sugars present in food

Aminoacids: nutrients that help build, maintain, and repair physique tissues Excess fat: supply a concentrated form of energy that help transport additional nutrients to locations within the body where they may be needed Caloric: the amount of energy needed to boost the temperature of just one kilogram (about a quart) of drinking water 1 level Celsius Corpulence tissue: extra fat

Dietary fiber: a special subclass of complex carbs that has a lot of functions, including aiding the body in digestion Amino acids: the inspiration of aminoacids

Vegetarians: those who eliminate meats, fish, and poultry using their eating plans Condensed fatty acids: fat that come generally from animal fats, including butter and lard, and are often stable at area temperature Trans fatty acids: fats that are produced when certain oils are processed in to solids Unsaturated fatty acids: fats that are generally liquid at room temperatures and come mainly by plant sources Cholesterol: fatlike substance that is certainly produced in the liver and circulates in the blood Low density lipoprotein: a type of chemical substance that carries cholesterol through the liver to areas of the body in which it is necessary High-density lipoprotein: a type of chemical substance that accumulates excess bad cholesterol and results it to the liver Nutritional vitamins: micronutrients that help control body operations and help the body release energy to do operate Antioxidants: chemicals that shield body cells, which includes those of the immune system Minerals: substances that the body cannot production but which might be needed for building healthy bones and the teeth and for managing many essential body processes Phytonutrients: health-promoting substances found in plant food Dietary supplements: a non-food form of one or more nutrients Food Guideline Pyramid: a visual guide to help to make healthful food choices Nutritional Reference Intakes: daily nutrient recommendations for healthy and balanced people of both genders and different age groups Nutrition Specifics panel: a thumbnail evaluation of a food's calories and nutrient content material for one portion Borne disease: illness which will result from eating food contaminated with disease-causing organisms, the poisons they produce, or perhaps chemical impurities Cross-contamination: the spreading of bacteria or perhaps other pathogens from one food into one other Pre-event meal: the last full meal used prior to a practice session or maybe the competitive event Ephedrine: a compound that increases the charge at which your body converts unhealthy calories to energy Creatine: sport nutrition that increases muscle size while boosting the body's ability to use necessary protein Androstenedione: a chemical agent that supports the body in the production of testosterone



Vitamin supplements





Hunger versus Appetite

Food cravings is physical, your body in fact needs it

Appetite is definitely psychological, stating " I possess lost my own appetite” nonetheless means your system needs the food, but you tell yourself you happen to be not hungry.


Proteins: makeup every cell in your body

Much more than 50% of your body weight

one particular gram of protein sama dengan 4 Calorie consumption

Affect mental development

Helps with tissue

Excess proteins: the body will certainly store this as excess fat

Complete Necessary protein: Contains all of the essential proteins






Unfinished Protein: Via plant sources that do not contain every one of the essential proteins Grains (Pastas, corn)

Legumes (Dried beans, peas, lentils)

Nuts and seeds...


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