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Final Project

Nancy Bowling


The diversity in the United States features helped me to raised understand and relate to other folks in ways which i may not have in the past. I have learned much from this school and about me that there is even now discrimination and prejudice in the us. I have learned that I need to make an effort and to get acquainted with a person before We make virtually any judgments against them. There are numerous different kinds of people in the United States with the different backgrounds. We do not need to discriminate against any person until we could look at ourself first to make certain we are clean. We need to look beyound the core of there epidermis and what they are wearing, plus the way they talk. Due to the fact that this class I have steped as well as looked around to see how people work with each other several get along great then you have few you can tell happen to be uncomfortable. I've learned that everybody needs to be cured as equates to it does not matter what their age, contest, gender, racial, sexual alignment, or handicap. We simply need to all go along and to teach others.

What I have learned regarding my own competition, ethnic or perhaps culture of all time is that society and the mass media plays a large part of the sterotyping others in what they look like, what they are using, and exactly where they are by. I have learned that in my very own race there is certainly still a whole lot of elegance against others. In my own race was some of the types that were those that started much of the discrimination and prejudice in history. There is a lot of caucasians that are very prejudice against anyone that is not really white and they do the hate crimes that are in the background books. Which the white males have more prosperity and power than any other group. That even though you will find more white colored females they may be still considered as the social fraction than the white-colored males staying the sociable majority. There should not be one group above any group.

Trends in immigration can continue to condition the demographic of the United States the us population will certainly grow by the year 2050. The population is going to continue to develop until 2050 there will be 438 million people in the United States, in addition to this the ethnicity and ethnic will start to alter as the many years movement go by. The immigrants and the children can cause the growth as well as the shift of groups in line with the United States Census Bureau the amount of immigrants via 1 . 4 million annually 2005 to 2 . one particular million each year by 2050. The increase of other organizations will rise also during this time period. The United States can be more inhabited and various as the many years movement go by. The reason the population will go up is usually from all of the reports and with all the migrants coming into america. al and Projected U. S. Populace Inc Acturease, 1960 to 2050 several

Increase in Size of Major U. S. Racial and Ethnic Groups, 2006 to 2050

There are challenges america faces because of the diversity of its people. One of the issues is the migrants that is occurring the United States today. Today the existing talk in congress is a immigration change and letting over 12 million persons live in the usa without having the right paperwork to be able to live below legally. Therefore the United States Our elected representatives are trying to develop the right option, some are to get deportation, penalizing the organisations, is to legalize some of the migrants and their families. The immigration laws had been going through the us history for decades. There is also a lot of challenges in the education discipline not only with racial, ethnic, gender, exceptional needs, lovemaking orientation, and age are that goes in the challenges. In america there are issues in the workplace for women, race, lovemaking orientation, era, and problems. All of these issues are still occurring in today's world.

A number of the benefits for the diverse society is with the immigration reform and to allow the immigrants stay to help the economy. Together with the...

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