Stereotyping: Stereotype and Northern Neck of the guitar

 Stereotyping: Belief and Northern Neck Article


PHI 103

September 19, 2011

John Moore


Discuss 3 stereotypes you encounter in your life plus the effect these stereotypes may have on others. This may be a stereotype you realize you have been guilty of holding or someone else's. Explain (a) what the stereotype is and (b) what kind of argument, no matter how flawed, could possibly be used to support it, and (c) determine any blunders you find because argument

Stereotyping is a thing that is experienced each and every day. I actually stereotype against other people, and individuals stereotype against me. Through this paper I will discuss 3 specific samples of stereotypes which i come across regularly. I will likewise explain the arguments that are used to support all those stereotypes and any blunders I locate with individuals arguments. My spouse and i work for a residential area bank as the Pay in Applications Expert. On a daily basis We provide support for part personnel when ever something does not go right with the many programs the fact that Tellers and Customer Service Staff use. We now have branches inside the Richmond region, and we also have branches in the Northern The neck and throat. These are two very different areas with different employee attitudes, and a different consumer bottom. I reside in the Richmond area, thus i understand the client needs plus the employees' issues more easily. The Northern Neck location has a a lot more " tiny town” feel. I consider the North Neck branches as more " simple” than the Richmond branches. Almost all of the branches understand at least 90% with their customers by name and can tell you their life tale. Most of the employees that I talk with don't understand how come our procedures are established the way they happen to be. They also tend not to understand how our systems operate nor do they attention. When I get yourself a call from their website, I usually recoil. Most of the time, they have




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